Short 10

Sunday 17/03/2019 10:00 - 12:00 - Cine Drasi, Vrilissia
Total Duration: 01:52:57

  1. Bendito Machine 6 - Carry On 13:38
  2. Spain 2018
    Directed by: Jossie Malis
  3. Spermaceti 11:35
  4. Belgium 2018
    Directed by: Jacky De Groen
    Screenplay: Jacky De Groen
    Animation: Jacky De Groen
    Technique: Hand painted, frame-by-frame
    Music: Craig Sutherland
    Production/School: Sarah D'hanens
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: No dialogue, no subtitles

    Sailors kill time under a blistering sun, awaiting a sign of their prey. After bloodshed, a strong arm offers a moment of shelter. A boy gets his first tattoo. Spermaceti evokes the transitional space-time of a young man who finds himself on the threshold of an initiation. As we fluctuate between the underwater and the above, boundaries become slippery.

  5. Fighting Pablo 07:30
  6. Belgium 2018
    Directed by: Robbe Vervaeke
    Screenplay: Robbe Vervaeke
    Animation: Robbe Vervaeke
    Technique: Hand painted, frame-by-frame
    Music: Ruben De Gheselle
    Production/School: Sarah D'hanens, Barend Weyens
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: No dialogue, no subtitles

    A young artist is working on a portrait when an unexpected moment of frustration and doubt shatters his inspiration. Distracted by his own curiosity, he suddenly finds himself engulfed by a grande parade. Buzzing characters spirited from contemporary pop-culture and art-history crystallize out of the air. Unable to resist the charismatic pull of this vast and grotesque world, he joins in on an exploration through his own colorful ambitions. But when Pablo Picasso’s terrific charisma ends up threatening everything he holds dear, he learns to push back in order to rediscover his own voice.

  7. Bita and Cora / BitaI Y Cora 06:00
  8. Spain 2018
    Directed by: Vicente Mallols
    Screenplay: María Mínguez
    Animation: David Caballer, María Ribas, Sergio Lara, Pablo Llorens , Teresa Pérez, Enrique Giner
    Technique: Stop Motion
    Music: Vincent Barrière
    Production/School: Paloma Mora
    Dialogue language: Spanish
    Subtitles language: English

    Bita and Cora are two adventurous friends who travel in a spaceship across the whole universe, exploring new planets, satellites and asteroids. Until they arrive to a new planet: Pruna. In Pruna they will meet the Elms, a strange, curious and funny beings, with whom they will live an extraordinary adventure.
  9. The Proper Etiquette For Being Alone 08:35
  10. USA 2018
    Directed by: Louis Mansfield
    Screenplay: Louis Mansfield
    Production/School: Christine McDermott

    An unusual young man struggles to relate to his friends and abide by social norms until a new neighbor with her own idiosyncrasies moves in down the hall.

  11. I can't bring you away / 不能帶你走 05:23
  12. Taiwan 2018
    Directed by: Lin Li-Wei
    Screenplay: Lin Li-Wei
    Animation: Lin Li-Wei, Huang Su-Ju
    Technique: Lin Li-Wei
    Music: MelloHarmony
    Production/School: HUANG SSU-JU
    Subtitles language: Chinese, English

    When the sun shines into the room early in the morning, the man gets up and dresses and wears a tie. He tells the world outside the door and the difference of ''his'' imagination. The music in front of him can cause people to fall and fall. The endless desire makes people fall into the abyss. Although he was eager to go out with ''him'', the man was determined to say goodbye to ''him'' and walked out the door, and ''he'' was a man's doll bear.

  13. Circuit 08:41
  14. Switzerland 2018
    Directed by: Delia Hess
    Screenplay: Delia Hess
    Animation: Delia Hess, Anja Sidler, Jessica Studer, Charlotte Waltert
    Technique: drawings on paper
    Music: Alexandre Babel
    Production/School: Marcel Ramsay, Michèle Wannaz
    Dialogue language: without dialogue
    Subtitles language: without subtitles

    On a small planet, caught up in their own little private universe, the inhabitants perform their poetically surreal actions, which repeat themselves in an endless loop. That they are all part of a complex little ecosystem which can only function if each of them plays his or her role, is something they are unaware of.
  15. Flying Octopus 03:00
  16. Ireland 2018
    Directed by: Aoífe Doyle, Stefan Grambart
    Screenplay: Aoífe Doyle, Stefan Grambart
    Animation: 2d Digital
    Technique: 2d Digital
    Music: REZZ
    Production/School: Niamh Herrity
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: N/A

    Nestled deep among the coral reefs of the seabed, a lonely Octopus toils away in his underwater workshop. REZZ has been sending him messages in bottles containing blueprints to help him construct an EXONAUTILUS- a huge fish like flying machine, so that he may join her on the planet Neptune! Despite his best efforts, Octopus is not able to realise his mission alone. In desperation he calls his buddies Eel and Starfish for help. Together the three friends solve the mystery of the messages and pilot the finished EXONAUTILIS through the depths of the ocean in a hypnotic trance before breaching the surface and journeying to REZZ on Neptune in a distant starry sky.
  17. Red & The Kingdom of Sound 18:13
  18. United Kingdom 2018
    Directed by: Phil Gomm
    Screenplay: Phil Gomm
    Production/School: Phil Gomm, Denise Harmer
    Dialogue language: English

    Red & The Kingdom Of Sound is an animated adaptation of Benjamin Britten's 1945 composition, The Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra. Red & The Kingdom Of Sound visualises the symphony orchestra as a fantastical realm comprising fifteen different architectural districts deriving from the different musical instruments of the orchestra. Red, the animation's protagonist, personifies the new-comer to classical music as he makes his way through the distinctive musical terrains of Britten's orchestral landscape.

  19. Good Night 06:22
  20. Japan 2018
    Directed by: Makiko Nanke
    Screenplay: Makiko Nanke
    Animation: Makiko Nanke
    Music: Chiaki Kato
    Subtitles language: Japanese, English

    For these twin boys, a little sibling rivalry is an everyday occurrence. And no matter how minor the infraction, as far as they're concerned, each quibble is like an act of war. It's easy to imagine that for them, every single day is as thrilling as an action movie, playing out in their heads. They're fighting with all they've got... and even in dreams, the battle rages on. Our story peeks in on these two boys, and we have a chance to look on as they grow.

  21. Battledream Chronicles: A new beginning 24:00
  22. Martinique 2018
    Directed by: Alain Bidard
    Screenplay: Alain Bidard
    Animation: Alain Bidard
    Technique: 2D/3D
    Music: Alain Bidard
    Production/School: Nicole Brookes, Christina Sang St Catherine
    Dialogue language: English

    Syanna, a young black Caribbean girl, wakes up amnesic in an Afrofuturistic world where she has been enslaved by the global colonial empire of Mortemonde. Every day, she is forced to collect 500 experience points or XP for her master in the Battledream, a dangerous video game in which players die for real. With a kill switch implanted in her body and her limbs replaced by bionic parts controlled by the master, escape seems impossible. When she is offered a chance to learn in secret how to hack and control the technology used to enslave her, Syanna realizes that not everything is lost. But her master, driven by his lust for wealth and political power, is making the slave conditions harder and harder. And planning a rebellion while fulfilling her slave duty is getting more and more challenging. Will Syanna succeed in regaining her freedom?


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