Official Selection

I can't bring you away / 不能帶你走

Taiwan 2018
Duration: 05:23
Directed by: Lin Li-Wei
Screenplay: Lin Li-Wei
Animation: Lin Li-Wei, Huang Su-Ju
Technique: Lin Li-Wei
Music: MelloHarmony
Production/School: HUANG SSU-JU
Subtitles language: Chinese, English

When the sun shines into the room early in the morning, the man gets up and dresses and wears a tie. He tells the world outside the door and the difference of ''his'' imagination. The music in front of him can cause people to fall and fall. The endless desire makes people fall into the abyss. Although he was eager to go out with ''him'', the man was determined to say goodbye to ''him'' and walked out the door, and ''he'' was a man's doll bear.


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