Official Selection

Fighting Pablo

Belgium 2018
Duration: 07:30
Directed by: Robbe Vervaeke
Screenplay: Robbe Vervaeke
Animation: Robbe Vervaeke
Technique: Hand painted, frame-by-frame
Music: Ruben De Gheselle
Production/School: Sarah D'hanens, Barend Weyens
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: No dialogue, no subtitles

A young artist is working on a portrait when an unexpected moment of frustration and doubt shatters his inspiration. Distracted by his own curiosity, he suddenly finds himself engulfed by a grande parade. Buzzing characters spirited from contemporary pop-culture and art-history crystallize out of the air. Unable to resist the charismatic pull of this vast and grotesque world, he joins in on an exploration through his own colorful ambitions. But when Pablo Picasso’s terrific charisma ends up threatening everything he holds dear, he learns to push back in order to rediscover his own voice.


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