Official Selection

Flying Octopus

Ireland 2018
Duration: 03:00
Directed by: Aoífe Doyle, Stefan Grambart
Screenplay: Aoífe Doyle, Stefan Grambart
Animation: 2d Digital
Technique: 2d Digital
Music: REZZ
Production/School: Niamh Herrity
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: N/A

Nestled deep among the coral reefs of the seabed, a lonely Octopus toils away in his underwater workshop. REZZ has been sending him messages in bottles containing blueprints to help him construct an EXONAUTILUS- a huge fish like flying machine, so that he may join her on the planet Neptune! Despite his best efforts, Octopus is not able to realise his mission alone. In desperation he calls his buddies Eel and Starfish for help. Together the three friends solve the mystery of the messages and pilot the finished EXONAUTILIS through the depths of the ocean in a hypnotic trance before breaching the surface and journeying to REZZ on Neptune in a distant starry sky.


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