Student 6

Saturday 19/03/2022 12:00 - 14:00 - Athens Animfest 2022 Official Screening
Sunday 20/03/2022 00:00 - 02:00 - Athens Animfest 2022 Replay Screening
Total Duration: 01:44:50

  1. Sauerkraut 07:27
  2. France 2021
    Directed by: Andréa Marszalek, Hugo Greiner, Maïté Dufour, Floraya Marlin, Alix Poirier, Camille Krempp
    Screenplay: Andréa Marszalek
    Animation: Andréa Marszalek, Hugo Greiner, Maïté Dufour
    Technique: 3D Computer
    Music: Laurent Vang
    Production/School: Rubika
    Dialogue language: French
    Subtitles language: English

    A young man wants to marry a pretty Alsatian girl and go ask her father, but the latest is a very bizarre, scary man, master of sauerkraut. The young man, despite his clumsiness, decides to cook him a sauerkraut in order to get his daughter's hand. Litterally.
  3. London's Burning 05:41
  4. France 2021
    Directed by: Virginie Marcel, Maxime Ferlin, Romain Gaumont, Clara Loubry, Manon Averseng, Feng Juei Hsu
    Screenplay: Virginie Marcel
    Animation: Maxime Ferlin, Clara Loubry, Manon Averseng, Feng Juei Hsu
    Technique: 3D Computer
    Music: Corentin Castric
    Production/School: Rubika
    Dialogue language: English

    In 1977, in a frantic London on the eve of Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee, Ralph, punk, anarchist and in love, gets it into his head to steal the Crown of England for the beautiful Wendy, whatever the cost. After all, is there a better proof of love than the symbol of this monarchy they dream of overthrowing?
  5. The Song of the Whales / Pesem kitov 02:56
  6. Slovenia 2021
    Directed by: Žoel Kastelic
    Screenplay: Žoel Kastelic
    Animation: Žoel Kastelic
    Technique: stop-motion
    Production/School: Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana
    Dialogue language: no dialogue

    The synchronized movements of the whale and the diver plunging into the subaquatic world show the human bond with nature, reminding us that we are becoming less and less aware of this connection. We forget the easiness and playfulness that we can observe when the whale jumps out of the water. Can we still bring them back into our lives?
  7. Animal Locomotion / תנועת החיות 07:44
  8. Israel 2021
    Directed by: Noga Sirota and Asa Rikin
    Screenplay: Noga Sirota and Asa Rikin
    Animation: Noga Sirota and Asa Rikin
    Technique: Stop motion animation, Drawing on glass animation 2d animation, Found footage replacement animation
    Music: Lior Soltz
    Production/School: Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
    Dialogue language: Hebrew
    Subtitles language: English

    Ever since becoming conscious Man tries to lose his animal self. Then in a breaking point sheds his clothes, plunged into a turmoil.
  9. Fall Float Fly 07:32
  10. Belgium 2021
    Directed by: Qurratul Ain Saeed
    Music: Yi-jia Chen
    Production/School: School of Arts Ghent

    At the speed of thought a soul travels through a landscape of dreams, feelings, and spaces. She discovers the darkness and lightness in human life by diving into a fantastical dreamscape and exploring the poetry of contrast.
  11. New Tricks 02:26
  12. USA 2021
    Directed by: Matt Corsillo
    Production/School: Ringling College of Art and Design
    Dialogue language: English

    Driving late at night, a young woman mistakenly hits a dog with her car after he steps out into the road. Worried for the dog’s life, she puts him in her backseat and begins driving him to the vet. However, she soon notices that a human - arm has grown in place of his dog-arm. Shocked, she accidentally swerves into oncoming traffic and is unable to compensate before finding herself in the wrong end of a traffic tunnel. While she does everything to avoid a collision, the dog uses his new appendage to open the window. The woman closes it but the dog’s other dog-arm is caught in it and is sliced off. He grows yet another human-arm as the car makes it safely out of the tunnel. Just as the car nears the vet, the dog lunges at the girl. She holds him back but his jaw unhinges and a human-head begins sliding out of his mouth. The dog pulls the emergency brake and the car skids to a stop. The girl now sees that the dog has completed his transformation–and he now looks just like her. She then sees that her own hand has been replaced with a dog’s paw and she passes out from shock. When she awakens, she finds herself inside the body of the dog, which is inside a cage. Meanwhile, the dog (now inside the body of the girl) drives away from the vet.

  13. Crocodile Pond 13:36
  14. China 2021
    Directed by: YANRUSI WANG
    Screenplay: YANRUSI WANG
    Animation: YANRUSI WANG
    Technique: YANRUSI WANG
    Music: None
    Production/School: China Central Academy of Fine Arts
    Dialogue language: Chinese
    Subtitles language: English

    The postgraduate student Wang accidentally fell into the crocodile pond, and several citizens disappeared by the pond at the same time. The event continued to make news, and had attracted great attentions from social media. As the online discussion raged on, the truth became more and more intricate. In the end, Wang gave up climbing ashore, turning himself into a crocodile. The film is played on portrait mobile devices, and virtualizes a drowning accident. By imitating the fragmentary and random ways of seeing in people’s daily life with mobile phones, it presents a chaotic Rashomon effect in a pseudo-environment. The animated, fictional and mockumentary-like way of performance gives a self-reference to current we-media short videos, that the truth is twisted through communication, and that everything is true, or nothing is true. The tongue breaks bone, though itself has none. Wang was never hurt by the crocodile, but by the words of people onshore, and eventually became a crocodile that people avoid like the plague. Yet, who is the real cannibal crocodile?
  15. L’abattu des vents 05:25
  16. Canada 2021
    Directed by: Félix-Antoine Garneau-Chouinard
    Screenplay: Félix-Antoine Garneau-Chouinard
    Music: Zachary Gilbert

    Alone on a secluded island, a lightkeeper is prisoner of his own madness.

  17. Ama and the Forest 01:55
  18. United Kingdom 2021
    Directed by: Luzie Lilie
    Screenplay: Luzie Lilie
    Animation: Luzie Lilie
    Technique: Luzie Lilie
    Music: Luzie Lilie
    Production/School: UWE Bristol
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: English

    Ama, the inhabitant of a giant mushroom forest, discovers a mysterious river and decides to follow it to its source. The film shows her journey through a beautiful and magical environment which eventually leads her to the forest giant herself, who is struggling and in need of friendly advice.
  19. Zona 06:41
  20. France 2021
    Directed by: Santenac Valentine, Chapelle Julie, Razzouk Georges, Fourc Gaël, De Freitas Matos Ofélia Dabbous Lynn, Le Maguer Laury, Océane Pennont
    Production/School: ESMA
    Dialogue language: Russian

    In a post-apocalyptic city, Vika and Sasha, two siblings with a lost past, embark on a dangerous mission into Zona, where nature, destruction, and deadly anomalies overcame civilization. But nothing goes as planned...

  21. Life expectancy / Un mal pour un bien 07:00
  22. France 2021
    Directed by: Léanne Pfeiffer, Samuel Desert, Maxime Liquard, Enola Durand, Olivier Radola, Maëlys Poulet, Clément Estrade, Quentin Wallaert
    Animation: Samuel Desert, Maxime Liquard, Léanne Pfeiffer, Maëlys Poulet
    Technique: 3D Animation
    Music: Youssef El-Khalil Ben Hamida
    Production/School: ESMA
    Dialogue language: French

    Living in a cramped apartment, a young couple is looking for a charming house to improve their daily lives. The ideal solution appears to be the house of Colette, an old lady in fragile health. It's a Viager sale, meaning that in exchange for a monthly annuity, they will obtain the house upon her death. But is Colette as fragile as she looks?

  23. Twisted 05:09
  24. France 2021
    Directed by: ARGAUD Etienne, ARMANGAU Mélissa, COLLETTE Romain, COURT Guillaume, SOMNEZ FLORA, DALLARD Louis, HASSELIN Flavie, PAGÈS Antoine
    Production/School: ESMA
    Dialogue language: French

    A team sent by the government is here to protect humanity from tornadoes. Bruce, Walter and Barrett are part of the Anti Tornado Squad and are ready to deal with that one-of-a-kind mission.

  25. The Singing Shadows 06:40
  26. France 2021
    Directed by: Louna Pette, Srushti Kakade, Myrtil Lapierre, Manon Bernard-Vigne, Marine Guarnaccia, Astride Laouette, Virginie Pellet
    Production/School: ESMA
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    Wachiwi and her little brother Peopeo live alone inside a fenced garden. While Peopeo dreams of novelty, Wachiwi sets the limits that should protect them from danger.

  27. Tell me a story 06:05
  28. France 2021
    Directed by: ARZALIER Sara, BRENCI Albane, DANIEL Lucie, DURU Sacha, GIL Anaëlle, JACOB Alice, MUNOS Laura, TCHIRIKHTCHIAN Inès
    Production/School: ESMA
    Dialogue language: French

    Every evening, Solen tells a fantastic story in which she's the main character to her little sister Luna. However, Luna's far from guessing the secret hidden between the lines....

  29. A crow to pluck 06:54
  30. France 2021
    Production/School: ESMA
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    Marcel, an old dabbler scarecrow, sees his homely life turned upside down by the arrival of the hardworking scarecrow Léon, a new neighbor unwilling to laze about...

  31. Pinocchio 06:13
  32. France 2021
    Directed by: Valentin Clauzon, Guillaume Collin, Paul Goubet, Stella Jullian, Loïc Lemoine, Théo Miramon, Aymeric Richard, Laura Salomoni
    Production/School: ESMA
    Dialogue language: French

    Every evening, Solen tells a fantastic story in which she's the main character to her little sister Luna. However, Luna's far from guessing the secret hidden between the lines....

  33. Alternate Mesozoic 05:26
  34. France 2021
    Directed by: Swann Boby, Lucie Laudrin, Marion Métivier, Léna Miguet, Sixtine Sanrame, Marie Schaeffer
    Production/School: ESMA
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    In the Mesozoic area, Rex and his dinosaur friends are going to be disturbed in their peaceful life by a tribe of annoying humans. A meteor shower will crash on the Earth. But dinosaurs are strong and humans will beg them to protect them. Rex will accept and save the humans. Dinosaurs and humans will evolve and coexist through the ages: antiquity, the Middle Ages and contemporary times. Are dinosaurs going to cope with the annoying and invasive behavior of humans?


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