Official Selection

London's Burning

France 2021
Duration: 05:41
Directed by: Virginie Marcel, Maxime Ferlin, Romain Gaumont, Clara Loubry, Manon Averseng, Feng Juei Hsu
Screenplay: Virginie Marcel
Animation: Maxime Ferlin, Clara Loubry, Manon Averseng, Feng Juei Hsu
Technique: 3D Computer
Music: Corentin Castric
Production/School: Rubika
Dialogue language: English

In 1977, in a frantic London on the eve of Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee, Ralph, punk, anarchist and in love, gets it into his head to steal the Crown of England for the beautiful Wendy, whatever the cost. After all, is there a better proof of love than the symbol of this monarchy they dream of overthrowing?


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