Official Selection


France 2021
Duration: 07:27
Directed by: Andréa Marszalek, Hugo Greiner, Maïté Dufour, Floraya Marlin, Alix Poirier, Camille Krempp
Screenplay: Andréa Marszalek
Animation: Andréa Marszalek, Hugo Greiner, Maïté Dufour
Technique: 3D Computer
Music: Laurent Vang
Production/School: Rubika
Dialogue language: French
Subtitles language: English

A young man wants to marry a pretty Alsatian girl and go ask her father, but the latest is a very bizarre, scary man, master of sauerkraut. The young man, despite his clumsiness, decides to cook him a sauerkraut in order to get his daughter's hand. Litterally.


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