Official Selection

Life expectancy / Un mal pour un bien

1st Prize Student

France 2021
Duration: 07:00
Directed by: Léanne Pfeiffer, Samuel Desert, Maxime Liquard, Enola Durand, Olivier Radola, Maëlys Poulet, Clément Estrade, Quentin Wallaert
Animation: Samuel Desert, Maxime Liquard, Léanne Pfeiffer, Maëlys Poulet
Technique: 3D Animation
Music: Youssef El-Khalil Ben Hamida
Production/School: ESMA
Dialogue language: French

Living in a cramped apartment, a young couple is looking for a charming house to improve their daily lives. The ideal solution appears to be the house of Colette, an old lady in fragile health. It's a Viager sale, meaning that in exchange for a monthly annuity, they will obtain the house upon her death. But is Colette as fragile as she looks?


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