Official Selection

New Tricks

USA 2021
Duration: 02:26
Directed by: Matt Corsillo
Production/School: Ringling College of Art and Design
Dialogue language: English

Driving late at night, a young woman mistakenly hits a dog with her car after he steps out into the road. Worried for the dog’s life, she puts him in her backseat and begins driving him to the vet. However, she soon notices that a human - arm has grown in place of his dog-arm. Shocked, she accidentally swerves into oncoming traffic and is unable to compensate before finding herself in the wrong end of a traffic tunnel. While she does everything to avoid a collision, the dog uses his new appendage to open the window. The woman closes it but the dog’s other dog-arm is caught in it and is sliced off. He grows yet another human-arm as the car makes it safely out of the tunnel. Just as the car nears the vet, the dog lunges at the girl. She holds him back but his jaw unhinges and a human-head begins sliding out of his mouth. The dog pulls the emergency brake and the car skids to a stop. The girl now sees that the dog has completed his transformation–and he now looks just like her. She then sees that her own hand has been replaced with a dog’s paw and she passes out from shock. When she awakens, she finds herself inside the body of the dog, which is inside a cage. Meanwhile, the dog (now inside the body of the girl) drives away from the vet.


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