Short 9

Saturday 16/03/2019 22:00 - 23:59 - Cine Drasi, Vrilissia
Total Duration: 01:52:12

  1. Widdershins 11:10
  2. United Kingdom 2018
    Directed by: Simon P Biggs
    Screenplay: Simon P Biggs
    Animation: Simon P Biggs, Scott Burgoyne
    Technique: Computer 3D/2D
    Music: Giles Lamb
    Production/School: Once Were Farmers
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: Spanish, French, German, Catalan

    The life of a pampered gentleman is seamlessly automated by machines, but his orderly existence is thrown into chaos when he chooses to pursue a free-spirited woman, against the advice of his robot butler.

  3. Etreintes 05:27
  4. France 2019
    Directed by: Justine Vuylsteker
    Screenplay: Justine Vuylsteker
    Production/School: Offshore, ONF

    Standing still in front of the open window, a woman stares at the dark clouds that obscure the sky. Immobile, she fights against the remembrances of the past. In the clouds, a passionate embrace appears.

  5. Step by step / Marche par marche 04:22
  6. France 2018
    Directed by: Simon Lehembre
    Animation: Simon Lehembre
    Music: Laurent Douel
    Dialogue language: French
    Subtitles language: English

    From time immemorial, you have been wanting to reach the moon. Step by step, you climb mountains, always higher. An eternal leap towards the moon, an eternal downfall into darkness. You fail, you fail, always to start over!

  7. The Flying of Leaves 07:13
  8. Italy 2018
    Directed by: Juan Pablo Etcheverry, Nathalie Signorini
    Screenplay: Salvo Gennuso
    Production/School: Fabio Teriaca
    Dialogue language: Italian
  9. A strange trial / Uno strano processo 09:58
  10. Switzerland 2018
    Directed by: Marcel Barelli
    Screenplay: Marcel Barelli
    Animation: Marcel Barelli
    Technique: drawn on paper 2D
    Music: Louis Crelier
    Production/School: Nicolas Burlet
    Dialogue language: italian
    Subtitles language: english

    “I have always wanted to make a film ABOUT hunting... that is... AGAINST hunting! But that's not so easy when you come from a family of hunters... my thoughts are intermingled with my memories. I discuss it with my father: a hunter, of course. But my mother also has a thing or two to say...” (Marcel Barelli) A film about (against)
  11. Hello Jemima 03:02
  12. United Kingdom 2018
    Directed by: Peter Baynton
    Screenplay: Peter Baynton, Benjamin Scheuer
    Production/School: Peter Baynton, Jesse Romain, Jamie MacDonald
    Dialogue language: English

    Ben posts himself from New York to London to visit the girl he loves.

  13. Cadavre exquis 12:50
  14. France 2018
    Directed by: Stéphanie Lansaque, François Leroy
    Screenplay: Stéphanie Lansaque, François Leroy
    Animation: Stéphanie Lansaque, François Leroy
    Technique: 2D and video
    Music: Denis Vautrin
    Production/School: Marc Jousset, Perrine Capron (Je Suis Bien Content)
    Dialogue language: no dialogues

    ‘Cadavre exquis’ invites to a visual, acoustic and odorous ballad through the wandering of a one eyed dog. In the maze of Old Hanoi narrow streets, daily life and legend mingle on the syncopated rhythm of Hat Xam, the Vietnamese blues.

  15. The Cat’s Regret / Le Chat qui pleure 08:37
  16. France 2018
    Directed by: Alain Gagnol, Jean-Loup Felicioli
    Screenplay: Alain Gagnol
    Animation: Alain Gagnol, Sylvie Leonard Victorino, Pascal Vermeersch
    Technique: 2D animation
    Music: Serge Besset
    Production/School: Reginald de Guillebon (Folimage)
    Dialogue language: French
    Subtitles language: English

    Punished by his mother, a ten-year-old boy, who hates his little brother, is forced to spend an afternoon with an uncanny old man. The boy will receive a lesson in life by uncovering the old man’s terrible secret. [Please download stills from:]

  17. My Grandpa is Hiding / Mon papi s’est caché 07:11
  18. France 2018
    Directed by: Anne Huynh
    Screenplay: Jean Regnaud
    Animation: Anne Huynh
    Technique: oil pastels on wax plates
    Music: Pierre Oberkampf
    Production/School: Reginald de Guillebon (Folimage)
    Dialogue language: French
    Subtitles language: English

    A grandfather explains to his grandson that he'll have to take care of his flower garden after he dies. There follows a touching and poetic discussion about losing loved ones and on the marks they leave behind. [Please download stills from:]

  19. Sam’s Dream / Le Rêve de Sam 07:18
  20. France 2018
    Directed by: Nolwenn Roberts
    Screenplay: Nolwenn Roberts
    Animation: Sebastien Rouxel, Laurent Rossi, Marie Bouchet, Julien Perron, Marco Allard, Piotr Nikov, Ashley Body, Oscar Carambano, Faouzi Hamnadi
    Technique: 2D computer
    Music: Erwann Chandon
    Production/School: Barbara Schuerrer (Gabi Production)
    Dialogue language: no dialogues

    By a sunny spring morning, a small mouse decides to make his dream come true, quite a crazy dream: flying with swallows. Sam has one year to the day to make it real by defying the laws of gravity and the lack of understanding from the other animals. [Please download stills from:]

  21. Colaholic 11:00
  22. Poland 2018
    Directed by: Marcin Podolec
    Screenplay: Marcin Podolec
    Animation: Marcin Podolec, Dominik Bartosik, Alicja Blaszczynska, Agnieszka Czachor, Joanna Fuczko, Michalina Musialik, Michal Orzechowski, Yelyzaveta Pysmak, Wiktoria Podolec, Zuzanna Stach, Marta Szymanska, Klaudia „javvie” Tabor, Alicja Wilkowska, Paulina Ziolkow
    Technique: 2d
    Music: Rafal Samborski, Piotr Markowicz
    Production/School: Marcin Podolec, Wiktoria Podolec
    Dialogue language: Polish
    Subtitles language: english

    "Colaholic" is a documentary, a romantic comedy, and a memoir of a person who drinks way too much soda.

  23. Malleus Dei 14:04
  24. Croatia 2018
    Directed by: Dino Krpan
    Screenplay: Dino Krpan
    Production/School: Dino Krpan
    Dialogue language: English

    It’s the end of 17th century. The world is brimming with new ideas and discoveries. However, People mostly stick to tradition, gathering at fairs and Sunday Mass, but occasionally also attend public executions.

  25. Robot will protect you 10:00
  26. Estonia 2018
    Directed by: Nicola Piovesan
    Screenplay: Matt Willis-Jones
    Animation: Eleftherios Kokkinakis, Andriy Muzichenko, Preetham Tej
    Technique: 3D and 2D
    Music: Yann Latour
    Production/School: chaosmonger studio
    Dialogue language: English

    One rainy night nine year old Tina and her guardian robot, SAM-53, set off on a quest that asks: if cyberspace has made romantic love obsolete, do we still need love in the real world?


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