Short 4

Saturday 27/03/2021 13:00 - 15:00 - Athens Animfest 2021 Official Screening
Sunday 28/03/2021 01:00 - 03:00 - Athens Animfest 2021 Replay Screening
Total Duration: 01:56:04

  1. Marianna's dive / Il tuffo di Marianna 06:42
  2. Italy 2020
    Directed by: Gianfrancesco Iacono
    Screenplay: Gianfrancesco Iacono
    Animation: Gianfrancesco Iacono
    Technique: 2D digital animation
    Music: Giulia Perriera
    Production/School: Gianfrancesco Iacono
    Dialogue language: Italian
    Subtitles language: English

    Marianna is 14 years old and she has just lost her love. Shattered by an endless sadness, the kid is roaming the streets of a grey and autumnal Palermo. Meanwhile, an elusive figure is walking through the same streets, someone who seems to be interested in everything that people ignore. Can an unexpected meeting, between dream and reality, help Marianna find some trust in life again?
  4. Spain 2020
    Directed by: VICENTE MALLOLS
    Animation: VICENTE MALLOLS
    Production/School: PALOMA MORA
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue
    Subtitles language: No Dialogue

    Nassotis, throws a lot of garbage into the sea, but it always comes back, until he is buried in a garbage pile thanks to a fish that intends to teach him a lesson.

  5. What Will You Do Now, John? 09:10
  6. United Kingdom 2019
    Directed by: Pooja Pottenkulam
    Screenplay: Pooja Pottenkulam
    Production/School: Simon Gape
    Dialogue language: English

    John likes routine, so when he comes back home one day to find his wife gone, he is very worried. He’s not sure why she’s left, but the more pressing issue is the possible disruption that her disappearance could cause to his routine. He pretends that she still lives with him. At the supermarket, he buys meals for two. At work, he puts up her pictures at his desk. Over a few months, he builds a routine around the illusion that he still has a wife at home. He settles into this new life. Will anyone find out that his wife has left him? Will his routine be disrupted again? How long will he continue the charade?
  7. Windfall 03:00
  8. Israel 2020
    Directed by: Ofer Winter, Shimon Engel
    Screenplay: Ofer Winter, Shimon Engel
    Production/School: Goozma Animation / Dov Abramson, Hanfashot Poalot / Naama Shochat

    In the Yemin Moshe neighborhood of Jerusalem, overlooking the walls of the Old City, stands a windmill built by Moses Montefiore in 1857. It has been through a lot. --- Feeling that her finest days are behind her, the Montefiore Windmill in Jerusalem is having trouble adjusting to her daily reality. When she finds a way to help a fellow creature in trouble - she also finds a friend, and perhaps a new outlook on life. This short animated film brings one of Jerusalem’s quaintest landmarks to life, while suggesting a background story for how the windmill’s sails re-discovered their motion in recent years, after decades of idleness.

  9. Metro6 08:13
  10. United States of America 2020
    Directed by: Geoff Hecht
    Screenplay: Geoff Hecht, Natasha Canepa, Mahmoud Zaini
    Animation: Lead Animators: Victoria Lijaya, Morris Walla, Emerson EAGP, Ganesh Gurung, Francesca Guzzetta, Michael Grassi, Shane Owen. Animators: Jimmy Mole, Paul Barcos, Eduardo Muñoz, Adrian Vidal, Neil Clark, George Betancourt, Amine Sebiane, Eric Digilov, Jose
    Technique: Hybrid 3d and 2d Animation
    Music: Original Music by: Alain Emile | Additional Music: Wilfred Symphony Orchestra - Delbies - Waltz (From Coppelia)
    Production/School: Valerie Kolomiets, Jumanah Shaheen, Claudia Castaneda, Geoff Hecht
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    Today is an important day for Zak, but everything is going horribly wrong. During his adventurous bus ride, Zak goes through a deeply personal metamorphosis. Below the comedic surface lies a warning for all of us to not lose the importance of human connections. As Zak becomes more socially aware and appreciative of his diverse community, so do we.

  11. Tobi and the Turbobus / Tobi und der Turbobus 07:30
  12. Germany 2020
    Directed by: Verena Fels
    Screenplay: Verena Fels
    Animation: yes
    Technique: 3d Aniamtion
    Production/School: Verena Fels
    Dialogue language: English, German, Frensh
    Subtitles language: English , frensh

    You fly with no seat! That's the rule in the Turbobus. To get one is a hard day job for a young wolf on his turbo-journey to find real friendship.

  13. Oldboy's Apples 06:49
  14. United States 2020
    Directed by: Brad Hock
    Screenplay: Brad Hock, Sami Graf
    Production/School: Brad Hock
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    Beyond the hedge, beneath the well, ancient spirits sing their song to reawaken the mystery of the hidden apple.

  15. Heart of Gold / Un Cœur d’Or 12:45
  16. France 2020
    Directed by: Simon Filliot
    Screenplay: Simon Filliot, Morgan Simon
    Animation: Gilles COIRIER, Souad WEDELL, Marion LE GUILLOU, Julia PEGUET
    Technique: puppets
    Music: Léonie PERNET
    Production/School: Jean-François Bigot, Camille Raulo
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    Who wouldn't give their all for a child? A mother sees an opportunity to escape the hardships of a life of poverty by selling her organs to a sick, very rich, elderly neighbor. And she hands over her own flesh in exchange for gold. Little by little, necessity gives way to a craving for more gold.
  17. Sad Beauty 09:50
  18. Netherlands 2020
    Directed by: Arjan Brentjes
    Screenplay: Arjan Brentjes
    Animation: Arjan Brentjes
    Technique: 2D/3D computer animation
    Music: Arjan Brentjes
    Production/School: Arjan Brentjes
    Dialogue language: English

    In a heavily polluted world, a young woman mourns the disappearance of animal species. When she falls ill due to a bacterial infection, nature appears to send her a message in her hallucinations.

  19. Monachopsis 10:20
  20. Belgium 2020
    Directed by: Liesbet van Loon
    Screenplay: Liesbet van Loon
    Animation: Marijn Grieten, Andries Berteloot, Liesbet van Loon
    Technique: 2D digital and hand drawn animation, mixed media
    Music: Louis Vanderhaeghen
    Production/School: Geert Torfs
    Dialogue language: none
    Subtitles language: none

    Debbie, a young woman, struggles with the feeling of being disconnected from the people around her. Until she meets Sofie with whom she bonds (too) strongly.

  21. Mind My Mind 29:40
  22. Netherlands 2019
    Directed by: Floor Adams
    Screenplay: Floor Adams
    Animation: Nancy Bens, Juan de Graaf, Carl van Isacker, Elie Klimis, Peter Wassink, Tim Trenson
    Technique: hand-drawn animation, 2D computer
    Music: Peter Johan Nijland, Frank Boeijen
    Production/School: Willem Thijssen, Tom van Gestel, Floor Adams
    Dialogue language: English

    When relying on social scripts to survive the social world, it’s not easy to go off-script. Especially if you’re obsessed with German dive bombers and just want to date a girl.

  23. Reven og Nissen 08:34
  24. Norway 2019
    Directed by: Yaprak Morali, Are Austnes
    Screenplay: Mina Juni Stenbråten, Ingrid Haukelidsæter, Are Austnes
    Production/School: Ove Heiborg, Thomas Gustafsson, Johan Palmberg
    Dialogue language: Norwegian

    A hungry fox hunts for food on a cold winter night. On the edge of the forest he discovers a small farm. He sneaks closer to steal a snack, unaware of the Tomten who guards the farm, and is caught red-handed in the hen-coop. When the Tomten sees how hungry the fox is, he decides to share his Christmas porridge with him, as long as the fox promises to leave the animals alone. But can an outcast fox trust anyone other than himself?


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