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Tuesday 12/03/2019 12:00 - 14:00 - ASKT
Total Duration: 01:49:31

  1. Ming 02:22
  2. USA 2018
    Directed by: Brenna Johnson
    Production/School: DigiPen Institute of Technology

    Ming is a timid, young monk, who has been training under her wise, yet stern master. One night, she's confronted with the daunting task to light the inside of a dark, foreboding temple.
  3. Primary 02:25
  4. Not Specified 2018
  5. Wasted 01:00
  6. India 2018
    Directed by: Pratik Dey, Dhiman Sengupta

    Save Water, Save Planet.We hear it again and again and nod automatically. Yes,it's a pressing environmental issue, but its biggest hamartia is the very enormosity of its scale. No one turning the tap on, groggy eyed in the morning, truly believes that their extra five drops are making a difference. “WASTED” takes from this clash of scales and brings the depletion of earth’s water reserve’s to your very bathroom, and to you. You are water (well 70% technically). WATER WASTED IS YOU WASTED. Film by : Pratik Dey

  7. Wholeness 01:09
  8. Saudi Arabia 2018
    Directed by: Lujain Al-Ibrahim
    Screenplay: Lujain Al-Ibrahim
    Production/School: Lujain Al-Ibrahim
    Dialogue language: English

    An abstract multilayered meaning medium, that longs to take the viewer into the state of wholeness by reflecting It's stages. This medium was built on psychological and philosophical terminologies that best describe the state of wholeness, merging those concepts with graphics is expected to let the viewer earn the wisdom of his interpretations rather than receiving it.

  9. Anna 05:15
  10. United Kingdom 2018
    Directed by: Jessica Mountfield
    Screenplay: Jessica Mountfield
    Animation: Jessica Mountfield, Dominic Povall, Jo Riley, Lucy Moesbauer, Kristina Rudenko, Harriet Memory
    Technique: Stopmotion with puppets
    Music: Jo Riley
    Production/School: Jessica Mountfield
    Dialogue language: English

    Anna explores the world of dementia-stricken Gus; a fluffy, former gardener who lives with his granddaughter. Chronicling just one day in his life, Gus struggles to reconcile reality with an increasingly present past.

  11. Detective Avery Ebson – Hat and Everything 03:36
  12. United Kingdom 2018
    Directed by: Michael Farnon
    Screenplay: Michael Farnon
    Animation: Michael Farnon, Jamie Chapman, Harry Sweetland, Jade Cooper, Anna Yuen, Alex Wright
    Technique: 2D digital
    Music: Elliot Slater
    Production/School: Ola Kolendo
    Dialogue language: English

    9-year-old Avery Ebson has made a documentary about her career as a detective, specialising in the recovery of lost toys. Whilst reminiscing about a case that tested her in ways that almost made her give up, she finds within herself the answer to why she keeps at it.

  13. The Legends of Jenny Haniver 03:28
  14. United Kingdom 2018
    Directed by: Rowan Sefton
    Screenplay: Rowan Sefton
    Animation: Rowan Sefton, Giulia Raniolo, Lucy Jenkins, Kyanne McLean, Barbara Čibej
    Technique: 2D digital
    Music: Charles Harrison
    Production/School: Charlotte West

    A young waitress’s eyes are opened to a world of possibilities when an enigmatic visitor arrives at the bar where she works.

  15. Nine Coo Five 03:13
  16. United Kingdom 2018
    Directed by: Anye Chen
    Screenplay: Anye Chen
    Animation: Rachel Somers, Hayley King,Léon Gourbin, Zoe Robinson, Elisena Vescio, Talitha Hart
    Technique: 2D digital
    Music: Mythili Mahendran
    Production/School: Hayley King , Rachel Somers

    In a gloomy city square, a struggling artist tries to make a living through his chalk drawings. Although unable to captivate the bustling businessmen and women around him, he forms an unlikely friendship with a pigeon who becomes inspired by his work.

  17. Save and Restore 03:34
  18. United Kingdom 2018
    Directed by: Thomas Hardy
    Screenplay: Thomas Hardy
    Animation: Jack Bond, Ben Lane, Sam Traynor
    Technique: 3D CGI
    Music: Kevin McLeod
    Production/School: Sophie Shepherd
    Dialogue language: English

    Jeff the space engineer and his robot companion work for a satellite company in the far future, installing and repairing damaged satellites. They venture to a distant planet in response to a downed satellite’s beacon, and discover something rather more terrifying.

  19. Wolf’s Lullaby 03:36
  20. United Kingdom 2018
    Directed by: Polina Morozova, Valeriya Solotska
    Screenplay: Valeriya Solotska, Polina Morozova
    Animation: Polina Morozova, Christina Tong, Ana Donna, Tai Ishii, Chloe Waite
    Technique: 2D digital
    Music: Igor Korolev
    Production/School: Christina Tong
    Dialogue language: Russian
    Subtitles language: English

    In order to protect her daughter, a mother fights off an evil wolf spirit who has come to collect her child’s soul.

  21. Whispering Onion 03:56
  22. United Kingdom 2018
    Directed by: Akari Hiraoka
    Screenplay: Akari Hiraoka
    Animation: Akari Hiraoka, Achille Ketelsen, Laurence Folkes-Skinner, Louis O’Shea, Mai Owada
    Technique: 2D digital
    Music: Thomas Dvorak, Vojtech Zelinsky
    Production/School: Jess Bolam

    Porky is cooking in his kitchen when he hears a strange whispering. He soon realizes it is coming from the onion! He is then transported to Onion world, where he discovers the source of the whispering.

  23. Find me Mother / Maa Tuki 04:11
  24. India 2018
    Directed by: Suchana Saha
    Screenplay: Suchana Saha, Hemanth Saju
    Animation: Suchana Saha
    Technique: Classical Watercolour Animation
    Music: Shireen Ghosh
    Production/School: Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute
    Dialogue language: Bengali
    Subtitles language: English

    A 25 year old takes care of her mother in hospital. They delve into a nostalgic memory. There is an encounter of an undesirable change. How the two accept the change is the story all about.

  25. The Outlander 05:16
  26. Austria 2018
    Directed by: Ani Antonova
    Screenplay: Ani Antonova
    Animation: Ani Antonova, Dimiter Ovtcharov
    Music: Valeria Popova
    Production/School: Omega Films (BG) in cooperation with University of Applied sciences St. Pölten (AT) Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias (PT)
    Dialogue language: English

    In 16th Century the elephant Süleyman makes a long journey from Ceylon to Portugal, then walks the whole way from Lisbon to Vienna trough the Alps for five months. To be a living royal gift is not an easy job, where even the death is not a peaceful end.

  27. Exotic Man 08:21
  28. United Kingdom 2018
    Directed by: Barnaby Catterall
    Dialogue language: English

    An alien takes a journey to find himself in a small British seaside town. This mighty Alien has traveled the far distances of the universe, a voyage which has let him to discover this new land. This "new land" happens to be earth, and he has unknowingly visited a small English seaside town, and is very confused by what he finds.

  29. Relation • Ship 07:20
  30. USA 2018
    Directed by: Zoey Lin (Director); Kun Xia (VR visual effect creative director)
    Screenplay: Zoey Lin
    Animation: Zoey Lin; Kun Xia
    Technique: Stop-motion; photogrammetry + Maya (for VR)
    Music: Ping Sheng Wu
    Production/School: Zoey Lin
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue
    Subtitles language: No Dialogue

    “Relation • Ship” is a film and virtual reality experience first inspired by “Ghost Ship”, a chapter from Roland Barthes' “A lover's discourse: Fragments”: Though each love is experienced as unique and though the subject rejects the notion of repeating it elsewhere later on, he sometimes discovers in himself a kind of diffusion of amorous desire; he then realizes he is doomed to wander until he dies, from love to love. Using stop motion organic characters and set design inspired by marine biology, the story consists of two separate philosophical ideas; the concept of “Assemblage” by Deleuze & Guattari, and the concept of “Plissement” by Merleau-Ponty. Merleau-Ponty states in “The Visible and the Invisible”: The world is like that band of foam on the ocean which appears immobile when seen from an airplane, but which suddenly, because it has extended itself by a line, is understood to be shimmering and living from close up. But one also understands that, seen from high enough, the amplitude of being will never exceed that of nothingness, nor the noise of the world its silence. (p.64) These ideas inform “Relation Ship” in terms of content and imagery. Set in an ocean-like environment, complex intricate details shift out of focus to form abstract shapes, similar to Merleau-Ponty’s ideas of shifting perspective in relationship to the distance of the object. Initially the audience witnesses evocative gestural performance animation of the main character, “Fish Bone Queen,” giving away precious gifts from her own body. Upon entering the virtual reality environment, the viewer is immersed in a living bodyscape. This idea mirrors the perceived natural world and fluctuations in human relationships. This experimental VR+installation project combines storytelling, philosophy, and biomorphic VR sculpture to allow viewers to experience visceral landscapes exploring the relationship between static exteriors and micro worlds hidden beneath the surface. Audio intertwines space, scale and sensations by magnifying the subtle sounds created by jewelry, chimes, three-stringed instruments, and ambient sounds. Ultimately the viewer will be left with a more intimate understanding of how worlds can be perceived differently depending on your vantage point. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This project is originally designed to be displayed in an installation setting as a Stop-motion film and 3 VR headsets which provide 3 different immersive experiences inside the main character. This installation is shown in the Documentation video below. I would like to submit the work as a film which has an optional VR element. -Stop-motion (password:626) -VR 360 (password:626) (view with Oculus Rift, or other 360 headset, if possible) -Documentation (password:626)
  31. Desire Line 06:59
  32. United Kingdom 2018
    Directed by: Ruini Shi
    Screenplay: Ruini Shi
    Animation: Ruini Shi
    Technique: 3D+2D
    Music: Gareth Young
    Production/School: Royal College of Art
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: English

    When a tragedy occurs one Valentine’s Day, we turn to an AI for answers.
  33. Strings 05:12
  34. United Kingdom 2017
    Directed by: Ruini Shi
    Screenplay: Ruini Shi
    Animation: Ruini Shi
    Technique: 3D+2D
    Music: Ankar Arken
    Production/School: Ruini Shi
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: English

    A virtual affair in an obsolete futuristic game.

  35. Secret 06:05
  36. USA 2018
    Directed by: Ysabel Congying Li
    Screenplay: Ysabel Congying Li
    Animation: Ysabel Congying Li
    Music: Jake Boring
    Production/School: University of California, Los Angeles
    Dialogue language: English

    It is a 2D animated short about the theme of “Peeping Tom". The story moves from one character to another and arrives back to the first character, a man who sells recorded videos of people. It tries to reflect contemporary issues involving digital media and personal privacy.

  37. Insecure 05:13
  38. Spain 2018
    Directed by: Maria Cosgaya
    Screenplay: Maria Cosgaya
    Production/School: DigiPen Institute of Technology Europe Bilbao

    As the time passes, a teenager girl called Skye dances happily in her room with a letter in her hands. She has a date and she is getting ready for it. Nevertheless, during her preparation, she encounters with something that makes her to step back.

  39. ADLib 07:05
  40. Spain 2018
    Directed by: Arantzazu Martinez, Eurie Cierbide, Sara Nikte Berrozpe, Cristina Vaquero, Leire Acha, Irene Velasco, Beñat Etxaburu
    Screenplay: Arantzazu Martinez, Eurie Cierbide, Sara Nikté Berrozpe, Cristina Vaquero, Leire Acha, Irene Velasco, Beñat Etxaburu
    Production/School: DigiPen Institute of Technology Europe Bilbao

    Through dance and music, two people discover their love facing in a world that wants to restrict it.

  41. 500 Miles Close 05:40
  42. Spain 2018
    Directed by: Marina Bordona
    Production/School: DigiPen Institute of Technology Europe Bilbao
    Dialogue language: English

    On a rainy morning Emma dashes to the kitchen to prepare the perfect breakfast. However, she is not the most gifted cook. Emma will have to find the will not to give up and overcome her faults in order to finish her task and share her warm hearted attempt with her awaiting loved one.

  43. When Walls Talk 05:52
  44. Spain 2018
    Directed by: Gloria de las Heras
    Production/School: DigiPen Institute of Technology Europe Bilbao

    Hiko, a 26 year old man who loves collectibles, has fallen into a routine. Little does he know, his prized possessions will become his downfall.

  45. Almost There 08:43
  46. United Kingdom 2019
    Directed by: nelly michenaud
    Screenplay: tim dees
    Production/School: nathanael baring, kate phibbs
    Dialogue language: English

    On an everyday train journey quite unlike any other, a not-so-casual observer goes to extreme lengths to avoid other passengers, a giant baby runs away from his parents, a romantic woman starts an ill-fated relationship with a cuckoo, and a naïve boy discovers that some problems can’t be fixed by pictures of unicorns.


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