Student 3

Monday 20/03/2017 20:15 - 22:00 - Screenings Schedule 2017
Total Duration: 01:22:50

  1. Close the Shutters / הגיפו את התריסים 00:05:04
  2. Israel 2016
    Directed by: Ynon Lan

    A young man tries to hold on to the image of his sick grandfather, by piecing together fragments of memories he has of him.

  3. Night Shadows 00:07:21
  4. USA 2016
    Directed by: Ivan Viaranchyk and Bat-Ami Rivlin

    In a dark, old victorian city, a young doctor is summoned by a mysterious coachman to attend a patient in need. Rushing to meet his client, the Doctor finds himself taking a dreadful journey to his own personal nightmare. In a deserted castle, he re-lives the memories of losing his wife and his desperate attempts at delaying death. Night Shadows is a haunting story about love, loss, and memory.

  5. Advice to the Young Artist 00:03:04
  6. Israel 2016
    Directed by: Daniella Shuhman
    Screenplay: Daniella Shuhman
    Animation: Daniella Shuhman
    Technique: 2d computer
    Music: The Caretaker
    Production/School: Bezel Academy of Arts and Design
    Dialogue language: english
    Subtitles language: english

    A collection of animated advices for young artists given by different artists and writers from around the world

  7. The Forest Paper / - 00:04:12
  8. Thailand 2015
    Directed by: Sipparpad Krongraksa

    Concept : This animation it all about bird who want to build her nest with straw,but he get lost in to the world that is made of paper, everybody in the city tends to focus on technologies and forget to care about our cause disaster like flooding. This 3D animation symbolizes the lives of people in the city nowadays, which most of them that are likely to depend on materialism and that causes them to ignore their duty, which is to protect and support the existing of our natural resources.The main purpose of this project is to present the idea of how our mother nature could with the being harm through the use of paper. In this animation have 4 sequence which are 1. City = Disorder and pollution 2. Tunnel = Confuse and curiosity 3. Natural Disasters = Fear and death 4. Forest = Mother nature and peace 1.Paper man :: As paper is made from the derivative of tree, is mostly use in the city. It could still be dissolve by water. Similar to the lifestyle of the city people where they only care about their own business without any awareness to the care of mother nature. 2.Paper bird :: Represent nature , As they said "Little birds build nests according to their size". 3.Water :: Represent mother-nature , In this animation water seem negative but in the end it positive when it stay in the forest. 4.Train :: Represent the civilization , which is wherever train go , more city will come , Represent journey and development of Paper man

  9. Light Sight 00:07:34
  10. Iran 2016
    Directed by: Seyed M. Tabatabaei
    Screenplay: Seyed M. Tabatabaei
    Animation: Seyed M. Tabatabaei
    Technique: 3D Computer
    Music: Amir Pourkhalaji
    Production/School: Simin Farrokh Ahmadi

    M.E., the imprisoned character in a room is attracted to a hanging light and tries to catch it. But the room itself becomes an obstacle on his way.

  11. Ink meets blank / Zdarzenie plastyczne 00:05:11
  12. Poland 2016
    Directed by: Tymon Albrzykowski

    The movie is black and white, rythmic metamorphosis of abstract geometric forms. Its dramaturgy is built by pure form and evocative music. It has been fully implemented cameraless, directly on a 35mm film tape.

  13. Not the End of the World 00:08:18
  14. United Kingdom 2017
    Directed by: Jack Bennett

    Joe Connoly's life is turned on its head one morning at the arrival of a mysterious note. It seems Molly for better or worse, thinks he is cute. It is clear: Joe's world will never be the same again.

  15. Whatever The Weather / Bei Wind und Wetter 00:11:20
  16. Switzerland 2016
    Directed by: Remo Scherrer
    Screenplay: Remo Scherrer
    Animation: Remo Scherrer
    Production/School: Zeitraum Film GmbH
    Dialogue language: german
    Subtitles language: english

    Wally's life is increasingly turned upside down by her mother's alcohol addiction. Helplessness, excessive demands and desperation shape her childhood - a daily struggle for survival.

  17. Eclipse 00:06:20
  18. Singapore 2016
    Directed by: Jerrold Chong
    Screenplay: Jerrold Chong
    Animation: Jerrold Chong
    Technique: Stop-Motion Puppets
    Music: Cooper Babbes
    Production/School: Jerrold Chong
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue
    Subtitles language: NIL

    A son revisits a long-estranged father, on the day of an impending solar eclipse. An event of cosmic significant coincides with an emotional revelation for father and son.

  19. Boxed 00:04:12
  20. United Kingdom 2016
    Directed by: Jenny Harrington & Joseph Felton

    A short adventure comedy about a chameleon trying to escape his grotty vivarium to find a mate in Brazil, but Brazil turns out to be not what he expected…

  21. Forest of Berries 00:03:50
  22. USA 2016
    Directed by: Alanna Nikol

    Alula constantly runs away from home to explore a forest nearby much to her father's chagrin. He drags her back home and orders her inside their house in a very authoritative matter. As her father guards the room of his daughter, she makes plans to escape. When she finally leaves something goes horribly awry and Alula's fate is changed forever.

  23. No Exit 2015 00:05:07
  24. Slovenia 2016
    Directed by: Hana Jesih

    No Exit 2015 is a master thesis project officially presented on the 2nd of June 2016 at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana. It was done under mentorship of prof. Radovan Jenko. The project consists of a collaboration of the book-object and the animated film on the same topic — the theatre play No Exit by J. P. Sartre. Animated film No Exit is a trailer for the book, where main characters confirm their sins from their previous life. Animated film is searching for it’s experimental form of expression to show atmosphere of Sartre’s hell. Instead of usually used narrated dialogue there is a typography which cooperates with the image. Especially for the animated film was done experimental music by Rory Greenaway to boost oddly, unusual feelings and feeling of uneasiness.

  25. Ways Of Seeing 00:04:30
  26. Singapore 2016
    Directed by: Jerrold Chong
    Screenplay: Jerrold Chong
    Animation: Jerrold Chong
    Technique: Stop-Motion
    Music: Cooper Babbes
    Production/School: Jerrold Chong
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: English

    Rumble of train rails; Crashing of ocean waves; Soft caress of distant wind. Two people. Two ways of perceiving the world.

  27. AEON 00:03:47
  28. Japan 2017
    Directed by: Ryotaro Miyajima
    Screenplay: Ryotaro Miyajima
    Animation: Ryotaro Miyajima
    Technique: Drawing on paper
    Music: Yoshiki Masuda
    Production/School: Tokyo University of the Arts

    Self-replicating entities that have evolved on different planets merge and proliferate exponentially. In search of more energy sources, they consume other stars.

  29. The Idea Thief 00:03:00
  30. Spain 2016
    Directed by: Dani Alava, Juan Lozano,

    A burglar has some special googles that allows him to see other's people ideas floating in their heads and take them for his own selfish benefit. His misdeeds will end when he encounters a very special kid with a powerful and misterious idea.


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