The Forest Paper / -

Thailand 2015
Duration: 00:04:12
Directed by: Sipparpad Krongraksa

Concept : This animation it all about bird who want to build her nest with straw,but he get lost in to the world that is made of paper, everybody in the city tends to focus on technologies and forget to care about our cause disaster like flooding. This 3D animation symbolizes the lives of people in the city nowadays, which most of them that are likely to depend on materialism and that causes them to ignore their duty, which is to protect and support the existing of our natural resources.The main purpose of this project is to present the idea of how our mother nature could with the being harm through the use of paper. In this animation have 4 sequence which are 1. City = Disorder and pollution 2. Tunnel = Confuse and curiosity 3. Natural Disasters = Fear and death 4. Forest = Mother nature and peace 1.Paper man :: As paper is made from the derivative of tree, is mostly use in the city. It could still be dissolve by water. Similar to the lifestyle of the city people where they only care about their own business without any awareness to the care of mother nature. 2.Paper bird :: Represent nature , As they said "Little birds build nests according to their size". 3.Water :: Represent mother-nature , In this animation water seem negative but in the end it positive when it stay in the forest. 4.Train :: Represent the civilization , which is wherever train go , more city will come , Represent journey and development of Paper man


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