Short 8

Friday 17/03/2017 18:15 - 20:00 - Screenings Schedule 2017
Total Duration: 01:48:27

  1. The Suitcase / Портфель 00:30:44
  2. Russia 2016
    Directed by: Andrey Moiseenkov

    An experimental youth adventure film that combines traditional art and modern animation. Two high school kids - Artem and Anya - discover a magical suitcase, which sends them on an unusual journey through time and space. They will have to face many challenges and confront the villains, who wish to take the suitcase for themselves. But courage and the power of friendship will conquer all.

  3. Cure 00:02:22
  4. United Kingdom 2016
    Directed by: Peter Baynton
    Screenplay: Benjamin Scheuer
    Production/School: Rob Jelley
    Dialogue language: English
  5. Sno Bunny vs Extruded Plastic Army Guy 00:04:34
  6. USA 2016
    Directed by: Ron Ford
    Screenplay: Ron Ford
    Production/School: Ron Ford
  7. The Pocket Man / Le Petit Bonhomme de poche 00:07:00
  8. France 2016
    Directed by: Ana Chubinidze
    Screenplay: Ana Chubinidze
    Production/School: Reginald de Guillebon, Corinne Destombes

    Un petit bonhomme mène une vie tranquille dans une valise installée sur un trottoir dans la grande ville. Un jour, son chemin croise les pas d'un vieil aveugle. Tous deux vont alors nouer des liens d'amitié grâce à la musique.

  9. Bene’s Horizon / L’Horizon de Bene 00:12:53
  10. France 2016
    Directed by: Jumi Yoon, Eloic Gimenez
    Screenplay: Patricia Valeix, Jumi Yoon, Eloic Gimenez
    Production/School: Fabrice Dugast

    Dans la forêt tropicale africaine, Bene est un enfant qui survit sous la coupe de chasseurs sanguinaires. Mais un jour, à la suite de sa rencontre avec un bébé gorille, il devient à son tour une bête traquée.

  11. Ami 00:08:00
  12. Germany 2016
    Directed by: Gonzalo San Vicente
    Screenplay: Gonzalo San Vicente
    Production/School: Gonzalo San Vicente
  13. No more you / Nooit meer jij 00:03:54
  14. Netherlands 2017
    Directed by: Bart Dokter
    Screenplay: Bart Dokter
    Production/School: Bart Dokter

    Nooit meer jij gaat over het mind vs. heart dilemma van liefdesverdriet. Je verstand weet dat het tijd is om het achter je te laten, maar je hart is nog niet zover.

  15. Bango Vassil 00:09:00
  16. Bulgaria, Germany 2016
    Directed by: Milen Vitanov, Vera Trajanova
    Screenplay: Vera Trajanova & Milen Vitanov
    Animation: Ulf Grenzer, Marie Josephine Tucholsky, Yordan Brankovski, Nayden Nikolov, Dalibor Raininger, Milen Vitanov
    Technique: 2D
    Music: Ivo Papazov-Ibriama
    Production/School: Talking Animals Berlin
    Dialogue language: Bulgarian
    Subtitles language: English

    On the afternoon of January 14th a girl claims, that it is the New Year

  17. Bullet Time 00:06:00
  18. Netherlands 2016
    Directed by: Frodo Kuipers
    Screenplay: Merlijn Passier, Frodo Kuipers, Rudi Brekelmans
    Animation: Frodo Kuipers, Elian van der Heiden, Peter Schop
    Technique: 2D, 3D
    Music: Alex Debicki
    Production/School: Merlijn Passier Productions
    Dialogue language: No dialogues
    Subtitles language: No subtitles

    A desolate street in a small village in the Old West. Two cowboys face each other in a good-old-fashioned shootout! But when both of the colts fire their deadly bullets, those bullets immediately fall in love with each other, forgetting what they're supposed to do! This has dramatic consequences...

  19. Tex 00:24:00
  20. Netherlands 2016
    Directed by: Ka-Ching Cartoons, Hans Walther
    Screenplay: Marc Veerkamp, Tingue Dongelmans
    Animation: Geoffrey Armfield, Daan Faudet, Ramon Oranje, Jamie de Jonge, Kristina Treciokaite, Bart de Piraat, Joost van den Bosch, Erik Verkerk
    Technique: 2D, Cut-outs, Others, Puppets, Stop Motion
    Music: Ren
    Production/School: Ka-Ching Cartoons
    Dialogue language: Dutch
    Subtitles language: English

    Tex is a typical animation-character. Evie is a cute life action-girl. When Tex falls for her, it seems to be an impossible match. But isn't everything possible in a cartoon? Tex, the film, is a cartoony Romcom, about differences, love and longboards.


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