Short 7

Friday 17/03/2017 16:15 - 18:00 - Screenings Schedule 2017
Total Duration: 01:27:31

  1. Clouds 00:12:00
  2. Canada 2016
    Directed by: Diego Maclean
    Screenplay: Diego Maclean
    Animation: Diego Maclean, Sitji Chou
    Technique: 2D
    Music: Luigi Allemano
    Production/School: Diego Maclean

    A villager observes clouds in search for inspiration for the village’s sacrificial rituals.

  3. Nobody / Hichkas 00:09:16
  4. Iran 2016
    Directed by: Elham Toroghi

    The story is about a white cat who lives in a city of black dwellers. The cat makes many attempts to get food but none of the residents do pay attention to him. The cat is also persecuted by its fellow beings who are black like the residents. Until in quiet desperation, a small white bird as if it had gone through the same steps helps the cat. Finally the cat decides continuing to live with the little bird.

  5. Lupus 00:10:00
  6. France 2016
    Directed by: Carlos Gomez Salamanca

    In December 2011, a security guard was killed by a pack of stray dogs prowling in a poor neighbourhood, on the Bogota suburbs.

  7. Refugee / Mülteci 00:06:28
  8. Turkey 2016
    Directed by: Ayhan Ünlü

    how to became a refugge told by animation and music.

  9. Bright Spots 00:07:47
  10. Australia 2016
    Directed by: Jilli Rose
    Dialogue language: English
  11. Birdy Wouaf Wouaf 00:04:00
  12. Turkey 2015
    Directed by: Ayce Kartal
    Screenplay: Ayce Kartal
    Production/School: Les Valseurs
  13. Join the Resilience 00:04:00
  14. Spain 2016
    Directed by: Javier Gamez Gamez
    Screenplay: Javier Gamez Gamez
    Animation: Javier Gamez Gamez
    Technique: 2D, 3D, Experimental
    Music: Leonard Handler
    Production/School: Alsbram, creative projects
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: English

    In a world where the spirits of corruption control the Society, a young woman fight to save her home. After a fast and desperate struggle, she will discover that nothing is what it seems.

  15. Heads Together / Kop Op 00:21:00
  16. Netherlands 2016
    Directed by: Job, Joris & Marieke
    Screenplay: Lotte Tabbers and Job, Joris & Marieke
    Animation: Joris Oprins, Marieke Blaauw, Lex Tilleman, Ruth Taylor
    Technique: 3D
    Music: Happy Camper
    Production/School: Job, Joris & Marieke
    Dialogue language: Dutch
    Subtitles language: English

    A surreal story about three friends who exchange heads by accident and are forced to adapt to each others life. This leads to funny but also enriching situations. Will they be able to keep it secret? And will they ever get their own head back?

  17. Sabaku 00:03:00
  18. Netherlands 2016
    Directed by: Marlies van der Wel
    Screenplay: Marlies van der Wel & Ruben Picavet
    Animation: Marlies van der Wel
    Technique: 2D, Cut-outs
    Music: Sjam Sjamsoedin
    Production/School: Halal Productions
    Dialogue language: No dialogues
    Subtitles language: No subtitles

    When SABAKU

  19. Scrambled 00:07:00
  20. Netherlands 2017
    Directed by: Bastiaan Schravendeel
    Screenplay: Bastiaan Schravendeel
    Animation: Veronyka Jelinek, Quentin Haberham, Bastiaan Schravendeel
    Technique: 3D
    Music: Dani
    Production/School: T
    Dialogue language: No dialogues
    Subtitles language: No subtitles

    When 19-year old Esra misses her train and kills time playing a fast-paced, flashy game on her smartphone, a vintage Rubik

  21. Tabook / Taboek 00:03:00
  22. Netherlands 2016
    Directed by: Dario van Vree
    Screenplay: Dario van Vree
    Animation: Tom Mourik, Michael Sewnarain, Bonnie Mier
    Technique: 2D
    Music: Nik Phelps
    Production/School: Studio Pupil
    Dialogue language: No dialogues
    Subtitles language: No subtitles

    While browsing the bookstore 19-year-old Gwen is unexpectedly drawn to a volume of kinky erotica, earning her disapproving glares from the other customers. Will Gwen follow her deepest desires or will she let her embarrassment restrain her?


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