Experimental 1

Friday 15/03/2019 19:45 - 20:50 - Serafeio, City of Athens
Total Duration: 01:17:44

  1. Perforations / Perforacije 09:28
  2. Croatia 2017
    Directed by: Slobodan Tomić
    Screenplay: Slobodan Tomić
    Production/School: Slobodan Tomić

    3D animation The film "Perforations" shows the fragility of our civilization. The film has a non-classical narrative structure. it is made up of five short films: Temple, Decline, Exodus, Death factory and Necropolis. A surrealistic illustration of the civilization in its religious and technological doubt. The clash of two opposite principles stimulates alienation, exodus, technological suicide. In the end, the demolition of the Temple represents a tragical release from the civilization's identity paradigm. The films are mutually related to transmit the atmosphere, architecture and to interpenetrate the characters. Simultaneously, they are counterpointed in the atmosphere, tempo, music and noise. humanlike characters are simplified and denuded like robot dolls. Other 'participants' are surrealistic creatures representing the clergy, army, mythological beasts, etc. they are shaped in the simple black-and-white design in conflict with the dehumanized architecture. The eyes and mouths represent the only admixture of humaneness which occasionally appears on the vertex of the dolls or on the walls of the temples. Their roles are different: the mouths displayed on the walls of the temples seem to count and separate the 'sinners' from the religiously unsound members of the flock, whereas the eyes and mouths on the top of the heads of the marionette believers express anxiety and resignation to their fate. Additionally, the anxiety is intensified by music and the expressive contrasts of the black-and-white interwoven with the elements of the cold architecture.

  3. But One Bird Sang Not 06:00
  4. Canada 2018
    Directed by: Pierre Hébert

    This film, part of the Scratch project, is a visual interpretation of a Malcolm Goldstein piece for solo violin based on a Bosnian popular song from Bosnia-Herzegovina. The composer describes it as a gesture of hope for peace in that land ravaged by war during the 1990’s.
  5. Jim Zipper 02:00
  6. Canada 2018
    Directed by: Alexandre Roy

    Exploration on pinscreen.

  7. The Extinct Suite 04:43
  8. Germany 2017
    Directed by: Anna Malina Zemlianski
    Animation: Anna Malina Zemlianski
    Technique: Collage Animation
    Music: Steve Jansen
    Dialogue language: None

    Space and metamorphoses in an animation film made of approx. 1700 hand-manipulated collages.
  9. Matter Out of Place 02:28
  10. USA 2017
    Directed by: Oona Taper

    Intimate portrait. Blurred line. Exploration of presence and absence. An Experimental Animation.

  11. Secret Ghosts Pt. 1 07:05
  12. Canada 2017
    Directed by: Carolyn Tripp
    Music: Original score by Brady Bothwell
    Dialogue language: English

    "Secret Ghosts Pt. 1," is the first of a multi-part animated series. Illustrated specters contemplate their "post-body" existence within a contemporary, consumerist framework. Set to the spookiest of slow jams, Secret Ghosts tries to answer the question, "does the afterlife include pedestrian desire?"

  13. Prime perfect 2 02:42
  14. USA 2018
    Directed by: Tom Bessoir
    Dialogue language: English

    Warning: The stroboscopic nature of this film may be unsuitable for some viewers. prime perfect was largely a black and white flicker film. prime perfect 2 is a primary color flicker film. Frames numbers that are prime numbers are red. Frames numbers that are perfect numbers are white. Frames numbers that are perfect squares are green. For the best experience view in a dark room at loud volume.

  15. The porous body / Le corps poreux 06:15
  16. United Kingdom 2018
    Directed by: Sofia El Khyari
    Screenplay: Sofia El Khyari
    Production/School: Royal College of Art
    Dialogue language: Arabic, French

    A young woman who lives in her thoughts goes back to the sea to centre herself. As she dives into the water, she dives under her skin and penetrates her psychological wrapping.

  17. Synset Circle / Synset Kreis 22:39
  18. Germany 2018
    Directed by: Lilian Robl
    Screenplay: Lilian Robl
    Production/School: Lilian Robl
    Dialogue language: English, German

    The term „circle“ is investigated with the goal of trying to withdraw fixed definitions from it and to destabilize them. Who is speaking? Maybe a voice from a time after the apocalypse, when all human knowledge got lost and people are finding new answers in a kind of post-scientific era.

  19. Desire on the Surface of the Skin 02:42
  20. Canada 2019
    Directed by: Sunny Stanila
    Production/School: Sunny Stanila

    Desire on the Surface of the Skin is an abstract visual poem exploring desire and touch. The images focus on the viscosity of ink staining paper, flowing and troubling the clarity of water. The film compares paper to the surface of skin and studies the textural experience of touch by the bursting of colour. The extreme enlargement in the animation creates an intimate relationship with the pigment and textures. The director embraces unpredictability and investigates the physicality and tangibility of the materials and their transition into motion. The soundtrack includes field recordings done by the artist. Approaching film as sensation the author investigates physiological bodily responses that are deeper than reason. 
  21. Facelift 06:46
  22. Germany 2019
    Directed by: Jan Riesenbeck, Dennis Stein-Schomburg
    Screenplay: Jan Riesenbeck
    Animation: Dennis Stein-Schomburg
    Music: Thomas Höhl
    Production/School: Dennis Stein-Schomburg
    Dialogue language: English

    A man talks about his everyday life while his head is developing a life of it's own.
  23. Potion: Dark Matter 04:56
  24. USA 2019
    Directed by: Annie Maley
    Screenplay: Annie Maley
    Animation: Annie Maley
    Technique: Digital 2D
    Music: Potion (Annie Maley / Michel Diaz de Bedoya)
    Production/School: Annie Maley, Gringo Starr Productions
    Dialogue language: English

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