Official Selection

Perforations / Perforacije

Croatia 2017
Duration: 09:28
Directed by: Slobodan Tomić
Screenplay: Slobodan Tomić
Production/School: Slobodan Tomić

3D animation The film "Perforations" shows the fragility of our civilization. The film has a non-classical narrative structure. it is made up of five short films: Temple, Decline, Exodus, Death factory and Necropolis. A surrealistic illustration of the civilization in its religious and technological doubt. The clash of two opposite principles stimulates alienation, exodus, technological suicide. In the end, the demolition of the Temple represents a tragical release from the civilization's identity paradigm. The films are mutually related to transmit the atmosphere, architecture and to interpenetrate the characters. Simultaneously, they are counterpointed in the atmosphere, tempo, music and noise. humanlike characters are simplified and denuded like robot dolls. Other 'participants' are surrealistic creatures representing the clergy, army, mythological beasts, etc. they are shaped in the simple black-and-white design in conflict with the dehumanized architecture. The eyes and mouths represent the only admixture of humaneness which occasionally appears on the vertex of the dolls or on the walls of the temples. Their roles are different: the mouths displayed on the walls of the temples seem to count and separate the 'sinners' from the religiously unsound members of the flock, whereas the eyes and mouths on the top of the heads of the marionette believers express anxiety and resignation to their fate. Additionally, the anxiety is intensified by music and the expressive contrasts of the black-and-white interwoven with the elements of the cold architecture.


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