Official Selection


United Kingdom 2016
Duration: 07:46
Directed by: Viviane Peoc'h
Screenplay: Viviane Peoc'h
Animation: Viviane Peoc'h
Technique: Viviane Peoc'h
Music: Viviane Peoc'h
Production/School: Viviane Peoc'h
Dialogue language: English, Welsh
Subtitles language: English burned into video. please send me your download request through Film Free Way and I shall accept. All my pics are under 5MB and jpeg but pixels are above 1300, please download from platform. Many thanks. Wishing you a smooth season of screening. K

Stop Motion Animated Documentary... Synopsis: Life is full of challenges in the Seventies!! The interviewed local people of Bangor city in Wales share their fond memories of their youth... A fireworks of true and colorful testimonies! Voice Overs : Janice Jones, Steven Landsdowne, Minnie.H.Lewis, Joe Shooman, Irfon Williams, Richard Matt, Sue Adams, Branwen Flur. Assistants : Emyr Williams and Gronw Roberts. Director, Designer, Animator, Camera, Lighting, Puppet Maker, Editor, Credit/Subtitles : Viviane Peoc'h.


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