Official Selection

H0_pe 02

Italy 2017
Duration: 09:29
Directed by: Francesco Bruno Sorrentino, Antonio Genovese
Screenplay: Antonio Genovese, Francesco Bruno Sorrentino
Animation: Antonio Genovese, Francesco Bruno Sorrentino
Technique: Mixed technique 2D/3D/Stopmotion
Music: Mario Autore
Production/School: Stefano Incerti
Dialogue language: Italian
Subtitles language: English

H0_Pe is a robot who lives alone on a tiny planet somewhere in the space. His job is to regain materials. After hundreds of years of a lonely life, he starts to create objects "to live better". He will be able to built the first intelligent robot (H0_pe 01) to overcome loneliness. But, on his planet, this kind of activity is forbidden by law. In fact the H0_Pe's life is spied by the Headquarters situated on a close planet. The Headquarters discovers his secret and, through the use of signs, it warns him to stop his illegal activity. At the end of the story, H0_Pe will be forced to reveal a great and hidden secret.


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