Official Selection

Black & White Box

Israel 2017
Duration: 10:16
Directed by: Osi Wald & Efrat Rubin
Screenplay: Osi Wald & Efrat Rubin
Animation: Osi Wald
Music: Yonatan Albalak
Dialogue language: Hebrew
Subtitles language: English

"Assuming every man had a box that contains something we call "a beetle", and no one could look at another one's box, then everyone will know what is this beetle just by looking on their own beetle" (Ludwig Wittgenstein) A short animation and dance film about our mind and about how we share it with the world around us. Do we control what thoughts we share and how they are interpreted? Are our thoughts really ours? What is “real”, what is “comprehending”? And what role does art take in all this? The movie is composed of four studies of boxes: a man in a cell-like room with a television, a woman trapped within the drawers of a cabinet, a TV advertiser selling carrots and disturbing the peace of others and an animator who manipulates miniature figures of the man, the woman and the advertiser inside a small box. All these elements are interspersed with animation and dance, on which the room, the cabinet, and the small box are situated. Based on the Dance Performance "Year of The Hare"


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