Experimental 4

Monday 20/03/2017 18:15 - 20:00 - Screenings Schedule 2017
Total Duration: 01:28:13

  1. Artemis 00:03:40
  2. USA 2016
    Directed by: Heather D. Freeman
    Dialogue language: English
  3. The Party (ASIFA-East Anijam) 00:02:36
  4. USA
    Directed by: Robert Lyons
    Screenplay: NA
    Production/School: Robert Lyons/ASIFA-East
    Dialogue language: English
  5. Le bulbe tragique / The tragical bulb 00:06:09
  6. Canada 2016
    Directed by: Guillaume Vallée
    Dialogue language: English

    Ephemeral traces of nothingness - Rotoscoping farmers, crumbling churches, dying memories as hand-painted layers, decay & collage on film emulsion as incidental traces of nothingness.
    A work that is aware of his own mecanisms.

  7. Ratio 00:02:04
  8. Turkey 2013
    Directed by: Murat Sayginer
    Screenplay: Murat Sayginer
    Production/School: MURAT SAYGINER
  9. Iterations 00:02:55
  10. USA 2016
    Directed by: Jeremy Speed Schwartz
  11. Da Vinci Project 00:05:20
  12. France 2015
    Directed by: Alain Escalle
    Screenplay: Alain Escalle
    Production/School: Alain Escalle
  13. Final Gathering 00:13:30
  14. France 2016
    Directed by: Alain Escalle
    Screenplay: Alain Escalle
    Production/School: Alain Escalle
    Dialogue language: Other

    Experimentations subjectives affectant la réalité, laissant les traces auditives et optiques d'une mémoire dans un « entre-deux » monde qui se métamorphose.

  15. Р / O & P 00:02:25
  16. Russian Federation 2016
    Directed by: Tatiana Skorlupkina
    Screenplay: Tatiana Skorlupkina
    Production/School: Tatiana Skorlupkina
    Dialogue language: English

    This is an old joke, in which every word starts with the same letter.
    Philologists and literary enthusiasts often cite it as an entertaining example of alliteration. Nobody is quite sure where it came from, but one popular theory is that an Pater gave a pupil detention on account of misbehaviour, and as punishment made him write an essay where all the words started with the same letter. The pupil made up a story about the teacher himself. Regardless of the fact that the story was somewhat obscene, the pupil completed the task, and was forgiven.

  17. Kitsune 00:01:00
  18. Spain 2016
    Directed by: Guillermo P. Bosch
    Screenplay: Guillermo P. Bosch
    Production/School: Guillermo P. Bosch

    English: Kitsune ("spirit of the fox" in japanese) is an experimental animation materialized through a matryoshka game. 

  19. Lavey Laveau, "Nocturne Magnum Opus 9, No. 1" 00:06:28
  20. USA 2016
    Directed by: christopher haines, John patrick sellars, Lon Lawson
    Screenplay: christopher haines
    Production/School: john patrick sellars, christopher haines
    Dialogue language: Other

    Anton Lavey and Marie Laveau attend a soirée convened in their honor, partying with dead rock stars, bearing witness to the hedonistic indulgences of the afterlife.

  21. Fish Tank 00:06:00
  22. China 2016
    Directed by: Haoge
    Screenplay: Haoge
    Production/School: Haoge
    Dialogue language: Chinese, English

    In this film, hand drawing animation has been used to illustrate the connections between trap, constraint and freedom in a vivid way. Using composite materials and multi-linear narrative to demonstrate relations between a fish’s vision towards outside fishbowl and fish and fishbowl images from people’s perspective.
    It is a concatenation of two stories. The first story is about the submergence of a governed planet, and the other one reveals the evolution and circulation of human consciousness. Every chapter is connected in series by unconsciously walks of birds, bears and human beings.

  23. Nœvus 00:08:00
  24. France 2016
    Directed by: Samuel Yal
    Screenplay: Samuel Yal
    Production/School: Florian Duval

    Fragments of porcelain, enamels and rust ... Nœvus explores the mystery of femininity and choreographs a metamorphosis.

  25. Anyu - Or how Stalin Lost his Nose 00:07:30
  26. Germany 2016
    Directed by: Lina Walde
    Screenplay: Lina Walde
    Production/School: Lina Walde
    Dialogue language: German

    A long time ago in eastern europe the turmoil following a revolt against soviet occupation leads to the separation of a small child and her mother. While the mother is forced to flee the country, her daughter is raised by a bunch of precocious geese.
    After 5 years of separation the child get ́s on its way to meet the mother in the exile. Anyu, which means mother in hungarian, is a story about the inner life of a refugee child. Anyu is also an experimental approach how to visualize memories in its different layers and shapes and finding their counterpart in animation-technics and materials. Anyu is also a story based on interviews with real-exisiting persons.

  27. The Pine Tree Villa / Eine Villa Mit Pinien 00:12:58
  28. Germany 2016
    Directed by: Jan Koester
    Screenplay: Jan Koester
    Production/School: Christine Haupt, Hauptfilm Produktion
    Dialogue language: German

    Lion and Bird break into an uninhabited villa to find out about the reason why it is not aging. Immediately they feel the power that keeps the villa alive.

  29. Making waves,,, unmastered 00:07:38
  30. Germany 2016
    Directed by: Fritz Laszlo Weber
    Production/School: Fritz Laszlo Weber
    Dialogue language: English

    The video project travels through some invisible and hidden infrastructures in Athens.


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