Anyu - Or how Stalin Lost his Nose

Germany 2016-05-13
Duration: 00:07:30
Directed by: Lina Walde
Screenplay: Lina Walde
Production/School: Lina Walde
Dialogue language: German

A long time ago in eastern europe the turmoil following a revolt against soviet occupation leads to the separation of a small child and her mother. While the mother is forced to flee the country, her daughter is raised by a bunch of precocious geese.
After 5 years of separation the child get ́s on its way to meet the mother in the exile. Anyu, which means mother in hungarian, is a story about the inner life of a refugee child. Anyu is also an experimental approach how to visualize memories in its different layers and shapes and finding their counterpart in animation-technics and materials. Anyu is also a story based on interviews with real-exisiting persons.


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