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  1. Reincarnation 00:05:15
  2. Greece 2016
    Directed by: Jason Katsoulis
    Animation: Jason Katsoulis
    Technique: 3D Animation
    Music: Max Richter - De Profundis & Max Richter - The Departure

    This is the film I created for my final year as an animation student at Northumbria University in Newcastle. Reincarnation is an abstract - dark- fantasy, short film about a wandering soul, that travels into the abyss in an effort to find another body to reincarnate in.

  3. Orans Transition 00:02:27
  4. Greece 2016
    Directed by: Paschalis Mourikas
    Screenplay: Paschalis Mourikas
    Animation: Paschalis Mourikas
    Technique: 3d animation
    Music: Ritual, Album Youth Oriented, Composed by Yoav Goren, Jeff Fayma
    Production/School: Paschalis Mourikas
    Dialogue language: no
    Subtitles language: no

    Orans transition is a graduation short film about mental transition. Pursued by a hunter, the main character is forced to make an escape across a narrow ravine splitting two valleys. By speeding up, he attempts to cross the cliff face and survive.

  5. I Am Not A Number 00:04:37
  6. Greece 2016
    Directed by: Natalia Kokkinou

    “I Am Not A Number” is a 2D animation that focuses on the social structures and norms of the modern society. It consists of an abstract approach on the way of living while using symbolisms to portray the conformity of human behavior. The viewer dives in a surreal world of the human mind full with images of the subconscious .

  7. Piano bar 00:04:30
  8. Greece 2016
    Directed by: Georgina Kosmatou

    Piano bar The film is about a memory of an old man. One day an old man visited a Piano bar, there something magic happened that was related with the love of his life. After this memory he will take a decision that will change his future.

  9. Lunacy 00:03:17
  10. Greece 2016
    Directed by: Michael Vazikas
    Screenplay: Michael Vazikas
    Animation: Michael Vazikas
    Technique: Stop motion & 3D animation

    An adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world, centered around the theme of lunacy, trying to portray the concepts of survival, maturity and progress.

  11. Noyes 00:01:27
  12. Greece 2017
    Directed by: Vasileios Papageorgiou

    The story is an allegory about the fear of freedom. A cage on a hill with a man in it, a fantasy about being free and a miracle are the issues of the short animation "NOYES" by V. Papageorgiou. The title is a combination of the words "NO" and "YES" and indicates the irrational and weird decision of the hero at the end of the story.

  13. The Rains of Castamere | An Animated Choreography of Departures (Revisited) 00:03:09
  14. Greece 2016
    Directed by: Aristarchos Papadaniel

    Inspired by Game of Thrones,the director-animator Aristarchos Papadaniel created a short animated film, which acts as an "animated choreography of departures" based on the series’ song The Rains of Castamere. The film has been made with the technique of rotoscope animation. Emblematic scenes of the series have been chosen, allowing for a new cinematic approach combined with the specific song.

  15. Aurelia 00:15:35
  16. Greece 2016
    Directed by: Christos Bourantas & Kreon Krionas
    Screenplay: Christos Bourantas & Kreon Krionas
    Animation: Kreon Krionas, Christos Bourantas, George Farazis
    Technique: 2D Computer, 3D Computer
    Music: Christos Bourantas & Kevin McLeod
    Production/School: Phaedra Vokali-Marni Films & Christos Bourantas
    Dialogue language: Without dialogue

    A young girl drifts through the dark, empty city on a lonely journey. Fragments of her past unfold the story of an unusual phenomenon to which her life is bound: a worldwide jellyfish outbreak. 

  17. The Solar System Waltz 00:06:50
  18. Greece 2010
    Directed by: Polykarpos Parioritsas

    An educational journey to the Solar system ballroom. Visting and presenting each planet as it dances the eternal dance arround the Sun. The video comes with the kid-novel "The dance of the planets" by "Entypois" publications 

  19. Haley's Comet / Ο Κομήτης του Χάλεϋ 00:03:35
  20. Greece 2016
    Directed by: OUT.THERE Studios

    Ένας διαστημικός καβαλάρης ακολουθεί την τροχιά του κομήτη του Χάλεϊ πριν συγκρουστεί στον κόκκινο πλανήτη. Ο προορισμός του είναι ξεκάθαρος, θα καταφέρει όμως να τον φτάσει; music video για το ομώνυμο τραγούδι των δραμαμινη. Digital 2d animation από την ομάδα Out. There.

  21. Achromatic 00:06:45
  22. United Kingdom 2015
    Directed by: Eftychia Maria Kondylis
    Screenplay: Eftychia Maria Kondylis
    Production/School: Eftychia Maria Kondylis
    Dialogue language: English
  23. Under The Clock 00:24:56
  24. Greece 2015
    Directed by: Vassiliki Papailiou
    Screenplay: Vassia Papailiou
    Production/School: Nick Papailiou, Panagiota Theofilopoulou
    Dialogue language: Latin, Modern Greek (1453-)
  25. Breakfast in the Forest 00:03:41
  26. Greece 2016
    Directed by: Mariza Litina
    Screenplay: Mariza Litina
    Production/School: Mariza Litina
    Dialogue language: English


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