Student 8

Wednesday 22/03/2017 16:15 - 18:00 - Screenings Schedule 2017
Total Duration: 01:31:44

  1. Inside of Us 00:01:52
  2. USA 2016
    Directed by: Miranda Pla
    Screenplay: Miranda Pla
    Dialogue language: English
  3. Island of Eeboos 00:02:55
  4. USA 2016
    Directed by: Vrinda Zaveri
    Production/School: Vrinda Zaveri
    Dialogue language: English
  5. Hanging 00:05:40
  6. USA 2016
    Directed by: Nick LeDonne
    Dialogue language: English
  7. Hot Chocolate 00:03:17
  8. USA
    Directed by: Thu Vu Kim Nguyen
    Screenplay: Thu Vu Kim Nguyen
    Production/School: Thu Vu Kim Nguyen
    Dialogue language: English
  9. Mór 00:09:19
  10. USA 2016
    Directed by: Lisa Wu, A Bowen Welles
    Screenplay: Jacob Walker
    Production/School: Maggie Whitt, Jacqueline Yee
    Dialogue language: English
  11. Groomed 00:03:00
  12. USA 2016
    Directed by: Samantha Armiger
    Production/School: Courtney Madincea
  13. Planemah 00:06:23
  14. Germany 2016
    Directed by: Jakob Schmidt
    Screenplay: Jaokob Schmidt
    Production/School: Jakob Schmidt
  15. The dog 00:02:05
  16. Japan 2016
    Directed by: Nanami Saito
    Screenplay: Nanami Saito
    Production/School: Nanami Saito
    Dialogue language: English
  17. Scent of Love 00:02:57
  18. USA 2015
    Directed by: Chengcheng Feng
    Screenplay: Chengcheng Feng
  19. Heavy Blanket 00:06:57
  20. USA 2016
    Directed by: Christopher Flores
    Dialogue language: English
  21. Mostly Useless 00:05:48
  22. USA 2016
    Directed by: Conor O'Rourke
    Dialogue language: English
  23. Sheep Deprived 00:04:44
  24. 2016
    Directed by: Stacy E Coakley
    Screenplay: Stacy E Coakley
    Production/School: Stacy E Coakley
    Dialogue language: English
  25. Blood Bank Burglar / 血庫大盜 00:03:05
  26. Taiwan 2016
    Directed by: Hung Ching Chen
    Screenplay: Hung Ching Chen
    Production/School: Hung Ching Chen


  27. Swiff 00:06:30
  28. France 2016
    Directed by: Alexis Agliata, Théo Bonora, Arnaud Bellour, Thibaud Gambier, Juliana Berckmans, Romain Lavoine

    Un vaisseau extra-terrestre tombe en panne de carburant et s'écrase sur terre, à la campagne. Son pilote, un Alien ne supportant pas la saleté, part à la recherche de carburant, gêné dans ses recherches par un petit garçon hyperactif...

  29. Hold Me (Ca Caw Ca Caw) 00:11:14
  30. USA 2016
    Directed by: Renee Zhan
  31. From Dogs to Wolves 00:09:58
  32. USA 2017
    Directed by: Azure Allen
    Screenplay: Azure Allen
  33. The Three Tales from Alexandria 00:06:00
  34. United Kingdom 2016
    Directed by: Natasza Cetner
    Screenplay: Natasza Cetner
    Animation: Natasza Cetner
    Technique: 2D
    Music: Lister Rossel
    Production/School: Natasza Cetner
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: English, French, Spanish

    Long time ago the world of nature was perceived as full of magic and mystical creatures. The film tells the old times stories taken from anonymous writer from Alexandria from the beginning of first century. In time, the stories were swollen by developing Christian culture and some of their dark magical aspects were forgotten. Film visually inspired by Grimms' Fairy Tales and the illustration style of children's books. It reminds us about the dangerous and mysterious side of nature.


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