StudentPanorama of Short Animated Movies

STUDENT - Programme 4

Student Competition

STUDENT – Programme 4


01. THE BLUE AND THE BEYOND by Youri Dekker, USA 2015, 9’ 36’’

02. WHOLE by Verena Klinger & Robert Banning, Germany 2014, 8’

03. THE BRIGHT SIDE by Kelsey Ryan, USA 2015, 1’ 45’’

04. LIKE DAD by Jiyeon Jung, USA / Korea 2014, 3’ 42’' 

05. LIGHTS IN THE ATTIC by Cynthia Isioma Osaseri, USA 2015, 2’ 35’’

06. HELIUM / Hel, by Damian Krakowiak, Poland 2015, 5’

07. DRACULA IN SUMMER by Davide Benvenuti, Singapore 2015, 36’’

08. DÉBOULÉ by Sophie Pastorello, France 2015, 3’ 44’’

09. BYE, COMET by Sang Mok Song, Korea 2015, 7’ 39’’

10. BLUE HONEY / Miel Bleu, by Constance Joliff, Daphne Durocher, Fanny Lhotellier, France 2015, 4’ 45’’

11. A SMALL VOICE, by Michelle Brand, UK 2016, 1’ 60’’

12. NET by Ao Chen, USA 2016, 50’’

13. “ILLUSORY” BIRDS by Ao Chen, USA 2016, 2’

14. NEIGHBOURHOOD YOKAI by Fuyuka Kato, Japan 2015, 1'

15. ME & US by Masoomeh Hosseini, Iran 2015, 5’ 54’’

16. AL COMPÁS by Alejandro Garcós, Julián Lobo-Guerrero, Mayra Pomaquero, Adriana Quizhpi, Gustavo Vejarano Master en Animación, Spain 2016, 4’ 19’’

17. MILA FOG by Marta Prokopova, Slovakia 2015, 11΄

18. CIEL by Phaedra Derizioti, Greece 2015, 5' 16''

19. THE CURSE OF THE WERE-RAT, by Jan Julian Rospond, UK 2015, 6' 51''

20. THE JOURNEY by Prasha (Puthima Wongdeeprasith), USA 2015, 2' 20''

21. NOCTURNAL BUTTERFLY by Annika Dahlsten, Finland 2015, 5'

22. BEWARE OF BUNNY by Becky Gill, USA 2015, 5’ 03’’

23. HEARD by David Howard, USA 2015, 4’ 55’’

24. PANTHALASSA by Casey Follen, USA 2016, 2’ 41’’

25. THE VALLEY BELOW by Joel Hofman, Switzerland 2016, 8’ 32’’

26. PIPO by Eliott Deshusses, Germany 2015, 9’ 02’’

27. HUM by Tom TellerHum, USA 2015, 8’ 30’’

28. ISKON ANIMA AETERNAM by Mihajlo Dragas, Serbia 2015, 14’ 6’’ 



USA 2015

Directed by Youri Dekker

Screenplay: Youri Dekker

Animation: Kimberly Mucha, Nicki Yee, Casey Straka, Rebecca Chan, Ryan Eways, Ariana Barton, Youri Dekker

Technique: 2D Traditional Animation

Music: Megan Carnes

Production: San Jose State University

Dialogues: None


The Blue and the Beyond is the story of a young, imaginative man named Charlie, who is searching to find someone like him in a world where he is different in every




02. WHOLE, 8’

Germany 2014

Directed by Verena Klinger, Robert Banning

Screenplay: Verena Klinger

Animation: Verena Klinger, Robert Banning

Technique: Puppet, Stop-Motion Animation

Music: Prop Construction

Production: University of Applied Sciences Georg Simon Ohm

Dialogues: None


A relationship is put to the test, as a husband makes a drastic sacrifice for his wife.




03. THE BRIGHT SIDE, 1' 45''

USA 2015

Directed by Kesley Rayan

Screenplay:Kesley Rayan

Animation:Kesley Rayan

Technique: Stop-Motion Animation

Music: Eleanor Hart

Production: Sheridan College

Dialogues: None


A little bat tries to fall asleep in the forest at sunrise.




04. LIKE DAD, 3’ 42’’

USA / Korea 2014

Directed by Jiyeon Jung

Screenplay: Jiyeon Jung

Animation: Jiyeon Jung, Sungwook Lee, Mooly Segal

Technique: 3D Computer Animation

Music: Soo Jung Kwack, Bella Boo Hyun Kim

Production: Jiyeon Jung

Dialogues: None


A big painter wants to focus on his artwork more than anything else. But his mischievous 4-years-old daughter loves him terribly and wishes to be with him every time. Finally, she causes a huge incident, which pisses him off.




05. LIGHTS IN THE ATTIC, 2’ 35’’

USA 2015

Directed by Cynthia I. Osaseri

Screenplay: Cynthia I. Osaseri

Animation: Cynthia I. Osaseri

Technique: Digital, Silhouette

Music: Soundminer provided by Savannah College of Art & Design

Production: Savannah College of Art & Design -Atlanta

Dialogues: None


Thrown in the attic, a place for the things old and forgotten, a group of obsolete toys decide to break the rules, and throw a dance party unbeknownst to the posh attendees just below the floorboards. But their reckless actions end up ruining the night for everyone, if not for the illuminating presence of one broken chandelier. Told visually through silhouettes, “Lights in the Attic” is an 2D animated short that follows Dolly and her fellow rag dolls as they make their humble space into an exciting new home.




06. HELIUM / Hel, 5’

Poland 2015

Directed by Damian Krakowiak

Screenplay: Damian Krakowiak

Animation: Damian Krakowiak

Technique: 2D Animation

Music: Bumtralala, Hańba

Production: Polish Lodz Film School

Dialogues: Polish

Subtitles: English


Young couple are leaving their wedding party to do photo session. During this time - quests are ourselves. All their habits and sins going on top. The film is a loose interpretation about the concept of salvation, damnation and the 7 deadly sins.





Singapore 2015

Directed by Davide Benvenuti

Screenplay: Davide Benvenuti

Animation: Davide Benvenuti, Andre Quek

Technique: 2D Digital Animation

Music: Ross Adrian Williams

Production: Davide Benvenuti

Dialogues: None


Count dracula finds himself in a strange situation dealing with an unexpected event.




08. DÉBOULÉ, 3’ 44’’

France 2015

Directed by Sophie Pastorello

Animation: Sophie Pastorello

Technique: Stop-Motion Animation

Music: Gaëtan Vigier

Production: ENSAD

Dialogues: none


Déboulé is an experimental animation short film about duplication and the relation between immobility and mobility. It is symbolized by a danced meeting between a physical figure and its luminous alter-egos. The simple story-line gives a good deal of room for personal reading.




09. BYE, COMET, 7' 41''

Korea 2015

Directed by Sang Mok Song

Screenplay: Sang Mok Song

Animation: Sang Mok Song, Woongki Sim, Taehun Kim

Technique: 3D Computer Animation

Music: Jae Eun Choi

Production: Sang Mok Song, Film School Hongik University Dept. of Animation

Dialogues: None


Journey of a comet boy who can't fly and comet girl.




10. BLUE HONEY / Miel Bleu, 4’ 45’’

France 2015

Directed by Constance Joliff, Daphne Durocher, Fanny Lhotellier

Screenplay: Constance Joliff, Daphne Durocher, Fanny Lhotellier

Animation: Constance Joliff, Daphne Durocher, Fanny Lhotellier

Technique: 3D Computer Animation

Music: Matthieu Lechowski

Production: Ecole Georges Méliès

Dialogues: None


A small bee, allergic to pollen, discovers an extraordinary product that will dramatically impact the life of the hive...




11. A SMALL VOICE, 1’ 60’’

UK 2015

Directed by Michelle Brand

Screenplay: Michelle Brand

Animation: Michelle Brand

Technique: 2D Drawing Animation


Production: University for the Creative Arts, Farnham

Dialogues: (voice) Katrin Linder

Subtitles: None


A shy young boy is confronted with the relentless demands of an overbearing adult forcing him to sing in front of a crowd. Vivid imagery conveys the child's trauma as it helplessly stands facing the expectant onlookers, unable to sing through fear. Overwhelmed by the ordeal, the only alternative is to run away.




12. NET, 50’’

China 2016

Directed by Ao Chen

Screenplay: Ao Chen

Animation: Ao Chen

Technique: 2D Computer Animation, Photos

Music: Robbi-985 (aka SomethingUnreal)

Production: Ao Chen

Dialogues: None


The film is about the audio-visual expression of the digital age.





China 2016

Directed by Ao Chen

Screenplay: Ao Chen

Animation: Ao Chen

Technique: 2D Computer Animation, Photos

Music: Ao Chen

Production: Ao Chen

Dialogues: None


"Illusory" Birds is a two-minute 2D animation. The film reveals the overlapping relationship among real space, awareness of space, and text space. Uncertainty may be the key to unlock the gate of truth.





Japan 2016

Directed by Fuyuka Kato

Screenplay: Fuyuka Kato

Animation: Fuyuka Kato

Technique: Cut-Out Animation

Music: Mr. Elephant

Production: Michael Lyons

Dialogues: None


A short animation of some Yokai in my neighborhood. Yokai are Japanese monsters born from folk beliefs.




15. ME & US, 5’ 54’’

Iran 2015

Directed by Masoomeh Hosseini

Screenplay: Masoomeh Hosseini

Animation: Masoomeh Hosseini

Technique: Paint On Glass Animation

Music: Babak Nasirikhah

Production: Vahidreza Shojaei

Dialogues: None


The story is about a war-stricken boy. In a Cold day a poor boy sitting on side of a street by seeing a Passer-by walking woman remembers his mother memories and the good days of past.




16. AL COMPÁS, 4’ 19’’

Spain 2016

Directed by Alejandro Garcós, Julián Lobo-Guerrero, Mayra Pomaquero, Adriana Quizhpi, Gustavo Vejarano

Screenplay: Garcós, Julián Lobo-Guerrero, Mayra Pomaquero, Adriana Quizhpi, Gustavo Vejarano

Animation: Garcós, Julián Lobo-Guerrero, Mayra Pomaquero, Adriana Quizhpi, Gustavo Vejarano

Technique: 3D Computer Animation

Music: Isaías Ruíz

Production: Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona

Dialogues: None


This love history take us to the fascinating world of Fausto and Elisa, two characters separated by a mysterious space. An unexpected event will mark the beginning of an adventure to stop time.




17. MILA FOG, 11’

Slovakia 2015

Directed by Marta Prokopová

Screenplay: Marta Prokopová

Animation: Marta Prokopová

Technique: 2D animation

Music: Adam Dekan

Production: Erika Paulinská, Academy of Performing Arts

Dialogues: Slovak

Subtitles: English


I feel emptiness around me. The night is cold and dark. I am looking for a light, wherever it can be.




18. CIEL, 5’ 16’’

Greece 2015

Direction: Phaedra Derizioti

Screenplay: Phaedra Derizioti

Animation: Phaedra Derizioti

Technique: 2D Computer Animation

Music: Georgiana Filippaki


Dialogues: None


Ciel is a film about the soul and the path from body to body in a dreamy universe full of emotions, it is a bizarre voyage in the deep of existence.




UK 2015

Directed by Jan Julian Rospond

Screenplay: Jan Julian Rospond

Animation: Jan Julian Rospond

Technique: Puppet, Stop-Motion Animation

Music: Dan Cippico

Production: Jan Julian Rospond

Dialogues: None


In the city shred by terror, a mysterious shape-shifting man, strikes fear into the hearts of the citizens. A wild, innocent cat nearly falls victim to the strange monster, however he discovers his great secret.




20. THE JURNEY, 2’ 20’’

USA 2015

Director: Puthima Wongdeeprasith

Screenplay: Puthima Wongdeeprasith

Animation: Puthima Wongdeeprasith

Technique: 2D Digital Animation

Music: Audiojungle

Production: School of Visual Arts

Dialogues: (narration) English

Subtitles: None


“The Journey” is a 2D Motion Graphics Animation. The story is based on the artist’s life when she lost her luggage traveling between continents. In the film, a young boy is the narrator. And the main character is actually the luggage, which enjoys the unexpected adventures he encounters on the trip.





Finland 2015

Directed by Annika Dahlsten

Screenplay: Annika Dahlsten

Animation: Annika Dahlsten

Technique: 3D Computer Animation

Music: Iida-Alina Poijärvi

Production: Turku Arts Academy / Eija Saarinen

Dialogues: None


Memento mori - remember that you must die. The journey of a butterfly becomes a melancholic metaphor of a human life, lost in an unknown world. In the film ”Nocturnal Butterfly”, the winged main character comes upon a still life composed of objects depicting the brevity of time, and the inevitability of the end. Every moment, every flap of the wing, is unique, every life is meaningful.




22. BEWARE OF BUNNY, 5’ 03’’

USA 2015

Directed by Becky Gill

Screenplay: Becky Gill

Animation: Becky Gill

Technique: 2D Animation

Music: Scott Stedman

Production: Dodge College, Chapman Ubiversity, USA

Dialogues: None


On the way home a little boy finds the pet of his nightmares.





23. HEARD, 4’ 55’’

USA 2016

Directed by David Howard

Screenplay: David Howard

Animation: David Howard, Rochelle Lynn Dimapolis, Jordan Eugene, Jen Frisco, Ida Victoria Hem, Jasmine Lewis

Technique: Digital 2D Animation

Music: David Howard, Brett Clanton, Jacob Hunt

Production: David Howard

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: None


HEARD is an animated short film following a frustrated artist’s journey through his own artistic development as he struggles to find his voice in a world built on silence.




24. PANTHALASSA, 2' 43''

USA 2016

Directed by Casey Follen

Screenplay: Casey Follen 

Animation: Casey Follen

Technique: Stop Motion, Puppetry, 2D Digital Animation

Music: Nick Pourcho

Production: Thesis Film

Dialogues: None


The story begins by exploring an expansive terrestrial environment. We encounter a few quiet nature scenes, and a lone flower is to be brought to life. The viewer closes in on the source bringing life to the forest. The plants respond to this creature by growing as she walks by. The goddess climbs to the highest point where she is framed by the landscape, but her identity is still unknown.




25. THE VALLEY BELOW, 8’ 32’’

Switzerland 2016

Dircted by Joel Hofman

Screenplay: Joel Hofmann, Matthias Huber, Dominic Lutz

Animation: Joel Hofmann, Dominic Lutz, Jonas Habermacher, Monika Jagodzinski

Techniques: 2D/3D Computer Animation

Music: Matthias Huber

Production: Hochschule Luzern, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen

Dialogues: None


What is disguised in the fog will only be revealed from up close. On top of a mountain a soldier protects his town from threat lurking beneath the fog. One day a mishap forces him to confront his fears. In the process he realizes that not everything unknown hides great danger.




26. PIPO, 9’ 20’’

Germany 2015

Directed by Eliott Deshusses

Screenplay: Eliott Deshusses

Animation: Eliott Deshusses

Technique: Stop Motion & Live action

Music: Florian Lipphardt

Production: Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg

Dialogues: None


A child is accidentally raised by a television.




27. HUM, 8’ 30’’

USA 2015

Directed by Tom Teller

Screenplay: Tom Teller

Animation: Tom Teller

Technique: 3D Computer Animation, Live Action

Music: Ryan Stratton

Production: Dodge College, Chapman Ubiversity, USA

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: None


A solitary dish washing robot living out his life in the back room of a restaurant is enlightened to the world that exists beyond his four walls, with the help of a small friend he breaks free of confinement to pursue his dream of exploration.





Serbia 2015

Directed by Mihajlo Dragas

Screenplay: Mihajlo Dragas

Animation: Mihajlo Dragas

Technique: 2D Computer Animation

Music: Mihajlo Dragas

Production: Mihajlo Dragas



Living in the disharmony with his own soul, a man desperately tries to materialize the ideals and to explain with intellect that which is part of his eternal nature. At the last moment, the voice of the soul, will like a guiding light point him to the hidden potential and strength of the right way. Then he will finally have to face the terrifying storm and make the ultimate choice.