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Athens Animfest at Top 100 best reviewed festivals on FilmFreeway
Updated: 07-06-2016 13:28

Athens Animfest at Top 100 best reviewed festivals on FilmFreeway.

11th ATHENS ANIMFEST successfully completed!
Updated: 21-04-2016 16:41

We will do our best for the 12th ATHENS ANIMFEST which is loading.

11th Athens Animfest - Short Competition Music Awards
Updated: 15-04-2016 15:37

Short Competition Music Awards have been announced!

11th Athens Animfest - Short Competition Awards
Updated: 15-04-2016 14:45

The short competition awards have been announced.

Interview at
Updated: 12-04-2016 11:46

Interview at about Athens Animfest.

WORKSHOP ANIMATION / Sunday 10, April 2016
Updated: 10-04-2016 15:26

In collaboration with Cine Club Vrilissia


N. Engonopoulos Hall, M. Theodorakis Park

38-42, P. Bakoyannis str., Vrilissia
Sunday 10, April 2016 - Hours: 17:00-19:00

In progress the 11o ATHENS ANIMFEST
Updated: 10-04-2016 15:18

Τhe 11o ATHENS ANIMFEST is still in progress. On Sunday, April 10th, 2016, the screenings and the workshops continue in the Greek Film Archive and the Cine Club Vrilissia "N. Eggonopoulos” Hall, Park M. Theodorakis, since 17:00. See the detailed Schedule.

New notification date due to extensive participation!
Updated: 31-03-2016 16:57

Due to the extensive participation, Athens Animfest participants will be notified until April 2nd, 2016.

Great number of participants at Athens Animfest 2016!
Updated: 21-03-2016 17:23

The registration process is successfully completed. Participants from all around the world submitted their works and they will be notified until March 31, 2016 for their participation.

Final countdown for the submission deadline to the 11th Athens Animfest
Updated: 02-03-2016 19:17

The 11th Athens Animfest is close. You can submit your animated movie until March 15, 2016 and you will be notified until March 31, 2016 for your participation.