StudentPanorama of Short Animated Movies

STUDENT - Programme 2

Student Competition

01. THE SEXUAL PRACTICE OF TREES by Joshua Tuthill, USA 2015, 8’ 16’’

02. AROMANTIC TEA by Danielle Bethel, UK 2015, 3’ 36’’

03. MAKING TRACKS by Jon Gransden 2'51'' 2015 UK 2015, 2’ 51’’

04. MORNING SONG by Rosemary Andrews, UK 2015, 3’ 56’’

05. NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES by Heather Duvalle, UK 2015, 3’ 13’’

06. QUESTFACTOR by Andrew Stevens, UK 2015, 4’ 02’’

07. RIFLESSO by Alice Guzzo, UK 2015, 4’ 59’’

08. SIMULATOR by Ed Smith, UK 2015, 4’ 42’’

09. THE SCARECROW by Victoria Bugett, UK 2015, 3’ 50’’

10. THAT’S HOW IT WAS by Joana Nogueira & Patrícia Rodrigues, Portugal 2015, 12’ 58’’

11. THE MUSICAL DRAGON by Camille Müller, Switzerland 2015, 8’ 26’’

12. GAME OS SENSES Wojciech Warzywoda, Poland 2014, 3’ 42’’

13. TALES OF FISH AND LIES by Pantelis Paradisis, Greece 2015, 7’

14. IVAN'S NEED by Veronica Montaño & Manuela Leuenberger & Lukas Suter, Switzerland 2015, 6’ 20’’

15. FLIRT by Rahel Gerber, Switzerland 2015, 5’ 31’’

16. IS IT JUST ME? by Jamie Kendall, UK 2015, 5’ 30’’

17. TORO by Pola Kazak, Czech Republic 2015, 5’ 02’’

18. MY SEASHELL MEMORY by Yanlai Chen, UK 2015, 10’




USA 2016

Directed by Joshua Dean Tuthill

Screenplay: Joshua Dean Tuthill

Animation: Joshua Dean Tuthill

Technique: Stop Motion, Puppet Animation

Music: Leo Crandall


Dialogues: English

Subtitles: English


A scientist sets out to discover the reproduction methods within the Plantae Kingdom.




02. AROMANTIC TEA, 3' 36''

UK 2015

Directed by Danielle Bethel

Screenplay: Danielle Bethel

Animation: Danielle Bethel

Technique: Drawing on Paper Animation


Production: The Arts University Bournemouth

Dialogues: None


In order to reach enlightenment, a young monk must overcome his obsession with tea.




03. MAKING TRACKS, 2’ 51’’

UK 2016

Directed by Jon Gransden

Screenplay: Jon Gransden

Animation: Jon Gransden, Jamie-Lee Reynolds, Iona Menzies, Dyveke Skøld, Rufus Dexter, Jessica Lewis

Technique: Traditional, Digital 2D Animation

Music: Holly Boismaison

Production: The Arts University Bournemouth

Dialogues: None


A man riddled with regret builds a machine to correct his past for a better future.





UK 2015

Directed by Rosemary Andrews

Screenplay: Rosemary Andrews

Animation: Rosemary Andrews

Technique: 2D Digital, Hand Drawing Animation

Music: Dan Knight

Production: The Arts University Bournemouth

Dialogues: None


Freya, a young woman grieving over the loss of her child, witnesses a star falling to earth; in the crater lies a child-like creature. She brings the child to her home and in time as they learn from each other, they both begin to heal.





UK 2015

Directed by Heather DuValle

Screenplay: Heather DuValle

Animation: Heather DuValle, Hayley Thomas, Rosie McDonald, Emily Norman, Tommy Maier, Jonathan Thrower, Hannah Brooks, Orlando Feliz

Music: Terence Dunn

Production: The Arts University Bournemouth

Dialogues: None


Jack Lumber is a lumberjack who spends his days cooking pastries and enjoying tea. All is well until another forest little forest creature, a raccoon, decides that he wants some delicious pastries. Who can blame the raccoon though, who wouldn’t want freshly baked pie over garbage leftovers?





UK 2015

Directed by Andrew Stevens

Screenplay: Andrew Stevens

Animation: Andrew Stevens, Lisa Hayward, Rhea Xehta, Rhian Jones, Sara Hiorns

Technique: 2D Animation

Music: Cameron Warren

Production: The Arts Bournemouth University

Dialogues: English


When the princess is kidnapped by a Dragon, local wizard and entrepreneur: PSY-MAN COWL, creates a reality TV show, following the brave deeds, crafty shenanigans and the headline gossip of her would be saviours.




7. RIFLESSO, 4’ 59’’

UK 2015

Directed by Alice Guzzo

Screenplay: Alice Guzzo

Animation: Alice Guzzo

Technique: 2D Hand Drawn and 2D Digital Animation

Music: Joshua Donaldson

Production: The Arts University Bournemouth

Dialogues: Italian


The young Italian girl Barbara is unhappy with her exhausting job as a waitress and frustrated by the negativity of the life that surrounds her and the depressing daily routine.




08. SIMULATOR, 4’ 42’’

UK 2015

Directed by Ed Smith

Screenplay: Ed Smith

Animation: Ed Smith, Iona Menzies, Patrick Selby, Pedro Sousa

Technique: 2D Hand Drawn, 2D Digital Animation

Music: Ed Smith

Production: The Arts University Bournemouth

Dialogues: None


A creation myth from the future. An immortal man is plugged into a simulation of the universe experiencing all time and consciousness in the length of a human life.




09. THE SCARECROW, 3' 50''

UK 2015

Directed by Victoria Budgett

Screenplay: Victoria Budgett

Animation: Abbigale Austin, Victoria Budgett, Iona Menzies

Technique: 2D Hand Drawn, 2D Digital Animation

Music: Janine Forrester

Production: The Arts University Bournemouth

Dialogues: None


This story is a subtle take on revenge, centred on a seemingly benign Scarecrow who guards the golden fields of wheat.




10. THAT’S HOW IT WAS / Pronto, Era Assim, 12' 58''

Portugal 2015

Directed by Joana Nogueira & Patrícia Rodrigues

Screenplay: Joana Nogueira & Patrícia Rodrigues

Animation: Joana Nogueira, Luís Santos, Patrícia Rodrigues, Pedro Oliveira, Raquel Ferreira, Verónica Martins, Vítor Gomes

Technique: Stop-Motion Animation

Music: Miguel Picciochi

Production: Milton Pacheco & Patrícia Rodrigues

Dialogues: (narration) Portuguese 

Subtitles: English


"That's how it was" (Pronto, era assim) is an animated documentary, executed in stop motion and complemented with 2d animations. The short film presents the life story of six seniors, four ladies and a couple. In an interviews mode, they give voice to the objects who protagonists this documentary. They shared their life stories in fragmented moments that oscillate between the past, present and future.




11. THE MUSICAL DRAGON / Le Dragon et la Musique, 8' 26''

Switzerland 2015

Directed by Camille Müller

Screenplay: Camille Müller

Animation: Yael Schärer, Justine Klaiber

Technique: Hand-Drawing Animation

Music: Thierry Epiney

Production: Studio GDS

Dialogues: None


A little girl befriends a dragon in the woods. They begin to play music together, but this is not without danger, for the king allows only military marches ...




12. GAMES OF SENSES / Wojciech Warzywoda

Poland 2014

Directed by Wojciech Warzywoda

Screenplay: Wojciech Warzywoda

Animation: Wojciech Warzywoda

Technique: 3D Computer Animation

Music: Kuba Wolanin / Miskaudio

Production: Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz

Dialogues: None


Story of a man who lost his senses. He doesn't know that his task is to find his lost parts. When he finally finds his "senses", it turns out that he was just a contestant in a colorful TV show.





Greece 2015

Directed by Pantelis Paradisis

Screenplay: Pantelis Paradisis

Animation: Pantelis Paradisis

Technique: 2D Digital Animation

Music: Ivan lavrov

Production: Pantelis Paradisis

Dialogues: None


Fish enters into the loop world. Man goes and fish comes back again, all guided by the patient bird. But on this way one might lie, so another will not escape. A symbolic tale about life circle and the importance of observation.




14. IVAN’S NEED, 6’ 20’’

Switzerland 2015

Directed by Veronica L. Montaño Manuela Leuenberger Lukas Suter


Animation: Manuela Leuenberger

Lukas Suter

Technique: Digital 2D Animation

Music: Tim & Puma Mimi

Production: Hochschule Luzern / Design & Kunst Studienbereich Animation, Jürgen Haas



Ivan is obsessed with the incredible softness of the dough. When kneading, he gets lost in intensive daydreams not accepting that sooner or later the master baker will turn every wonderfully elastic dough into horribly crispy bread. Until he sees Alva‘s looooong breasts.




15. FLIRT, 5’ 31’’

Switzerland 2015

Directed by Rahel Gerber

Screenplay: Rahel Gerber

Animation: Rahel Gerber

Technique: 2D Digital Animation

Music: Pierre Funck

Production: Carola Kutzner

Dialogues: None


Dreams woven from airy fabrics make wishes tangible. Walter is a loner.
Hanging up his laundry the resident sees how easily his shirt contacts his neighbor`s dress. Might he be closer than ever to his own happiness?




16. IS IT JUST ME?, 5’ 30’’

UK 2015

Directed by Jamie Kendall

Screenplay: Jamie Kendall

Animation: Jamie Kendall, Jennifer Haugan, Chris MacFarlane, Oscar Lewis

Technique: 2D Digital Drawn

Music: Daniel Cross

Production: Royal College of Art

Dialogues: None


Is It Just Me? follows one man's unhealthy new obsession with magpies as they start to consume his every day life. It is a journey downwards through the mental struggles he faces and how to deal with his ominous situation.




17. TORO!, 5’ 02’’

Czech Rebublic 2015

Directed by Pola Kazak

Screenplay: Pola Kazak

Animation: Pola Kazak

Technique: ink on paper drawing

Music: Anton Tkachuk

Production: Milon Terc (Film Akademy of Miroslav Ondricek in Pisek)

Dialogues: None


HE and SHE is a couple. They're running to catch a bus, which takes them to the Arena, where the corrida takes place. SHE has a suitcase and HE helps her to carry it. But suddenly the suitcase has cracked and all the clothes felt to the ground.





UK 2015

Directed by Yanlai Chen

Screenplay: Yanlai Chen, Annie Herridge

Animation: Yanlai Chen

Music: Sam Jones


Dialogues: None


It's about me and my father. Story through a girl finishing a portrait that she haven't finished when her father lived to repay the love. Father told the girl if she missed some one she can speak to and hear their sound by seashell. But she failed. When she finished the portrait, she heard sea sound. It means her mind can hear. Life is a cycle. Death is a rebirth. If you open your heart door, you will find you are the continuation of your father. Perception turns with the soul; whereas appearance springs from the heart.