StudentPanorama of Short Animated Movies

STUDENT - Programme 1

Student Competition

01. THE BIG-HEADED BOY, 9’ 14’’

Portugal 2015

Directed by: Nelson Fernandes

Screenplay: Nelson Fernandes

Animation: Ana Amélia, Élia Janeira, Marta Gonçalves, Luís Pinto, Jacinta Alves, Maria Ramalho, Bruno Vaz, Francisco Roxo, Tiago Santos, Diogo Silva, Rita Cunha, Hugo Cunha and Diogo Monteiro

Technique: 2D Cumputer Animation

Music: Filipe Santareno, Pablo Ríos, Alberto Roahelis, Matías Avilés

Production: Matriz E5G and nzfims

Dialogues: None

Subtitles: Enghish


A big-headed little boy is being bullied. At night, with the howl of a wolf, he finds the solution for his problem.




02. STOCKHOLM 6, 9’

UK 2015

Directed by Magnus Lenneskog

Screenplay: Magnus Lenneskog

Animation: Magnus Lenneskog

Technique: 2D Computer Animation

Music: Magnus Lenneskog

Production: Magnus Lenneskog

Dialogues: Swedish

Subtitles English


An animated chamber play set during the darkest days of the year in a snow-capped Stockholm. Buzzing neon lights glow on the dark walls of a Jugendstil apartment block. Inside, in the poorly lit stairwell a hardworking (and damn good) postman tries his best to do his job but the building and its tenants are not making life easy for him. The story is leaning on the edge of dream and reality - the unexpected is never far away - drawing inspiration from the film makers own experiences as a postman in the area.




03. CAGE’, 4’ 26”

USA 2015

Directed by: Peng Peng Du

Screenplay: Peng Peng Du

Animation: Peng Peng Du

Technique: Peng Peng Du

Music: Ge Guo

Production: Peng Peng Du

Dialogues: None


Life is liberty in a CAGE. CAGE represents a situation that is filled with a lot of constraints, or a habit or an addiction that is hard to get rid of. This project is to present a Chinese cultural and traditional visual style to audiences. On the other hand, CAGE tries to inspire them to recall their memory and consider what is the meaning of life to them individually.




04. DREAMCAUGHT, 3' 17''

UK 2015

Directed by: Natasza Cetner

Screenplay: Natasza Cetner

Animation: Natasza Cetner

Technique: 2D Digital Drawn Animation (Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, TvPaint)

Music: Natasza Cetner

Production: Natasza Cetner

Dialogues: None


"Dreamcaught" presents relations between disturbing images we come across in our nightmares. It is about those blurred connections that drive our minds to "play" particular combinations of visions. Kept in dark surrealistic atmosphere with unclear plot lets us wonder about the subconscious.




05. ROCKPOOL, 3’

Germany 2014

Directed by: Pablo Zinser

Screenplay: Pablo Zinser

Animation: Pablo Zinser

Technique: 2D, 3D Computer Animation

Music: Pablo Zinser

Production: Pablo Zinser

Dialogues: None


"Rockpool" is an associative journey where the protagonist finds himself living through a metamorphosis. He continues pursuing his aims with determination and despite of all change he keeps in touch with his roots.





Israel 2015

Directed by Tal Kantor

Screenplay: Tal Kantor

Animation: Tal Kantor

Technique: 2D Animation combined with Segments of live-action

Music: Alon Cohen

Production: Tal Kantor & Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

Dialogues: Hebrew

Subtitles: English


A man recalls a moment of a lost opportunity to communicate with his daughter. Their brief meeting after so many years undermines his world and renders his words meaningless.





USA 2015

Directed by Maaman Rezaee

Screenplay: Maaman Rezaee

Animation: Maaman Rezaee

Technique: Drawings on 16mm film animated by the use of an optical printer

Music: L.V. Beethoven's Minuet. ("Played" by Maaman Rezaee)


Dialogues: None


Minuet for a Disappearance is an experiment to give life to memories of a political prisoner in Iran through drawings on 16mm films and documenting the objects sent to his daughter from the prison.





Israel 2015

Directed by Tal Kantor & Shahar Davis

Screenplay: Tal Kantor & Shahar Davis

Animation: Tal Kantor & Shahar Davis

Technique: Stop Motion, 3D Computer Animation

Music: Shira Legman

Production: Tal Kantor & Shahar Davis, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

Dialogues: None

Subtitles: Emglish


A lonely man follows a friendly cockroach out the corner of his bedroom and into a surreal desert that stretches infinitely on the other side of the room




09. HEAD, 4’ 20’’

Israel 2015

Directed by Stav Levi

Screenplay: Stav Levi

Animation: Stav Levi

Technique: Drawn, 2D Digital Animation

Music: Trixerin

Production: Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design

Dialogues: None


A man breaks up with his head; unfortunately, his decision carries dire consequences.




10. PUZZLE, 3’ 20’’

Israel 2015

Directed by Stav Levi

Screenplay: Stav Levi

Animation: Stav Levi

Technique: Drawn, Digital Animation

Music: Tatran

Production: Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design

Dialogues: None


A strange character is engulfed in the creation of its grand masterpiece - a puzzle the size of the world itself.




11. GOOD MORNING, 1' 27''

Finland 2015

Directed by Heta Okkonen

Screenplay: Heta Okkonen

Animation: Heta Okkonen

Technique: 2D Animation


Production: Heta Okkonen

Dialogues: None


When the alarm goes off she gets up and starts her day.




12. RRRING RRRING!, 6' 20''

Germany 2015

Directed by Thomas Kneffel

Screenplay: Thomas Kneffel

Animation: Thomas Kneffel

Technique: Hand Drawing Animation


Production: Thomas Kneffel



Am I boring? What are the others doing? Are they just like me? The protagonist of the animated film „RRRING RRRING!“ decides to call some of his friends. But the search for acknowledgment becomes very frustrating. Everybody seems to be busy with something really exciting. With increasing desperation, the apparent boring person finally finds a way to stand up to his dialog partners.




13. ALL TRUISH, 2' 37''

USA 2014

Directed by Mina Mir

Screenplay: Mina Mir

Animation: Mina Mir

Technique: Mixed

Music: Dorothy Collins (Cheek to Cheek), Bogus Ben Covington (Adame and Eve)

Production: Mina Mir

Dialogues: None






14. CHAINS, 2' 19''

USA 2015

Directed by Sung Hannah & Han Jun Young

Screenplay: Sung Hannah & Han Jun Young

Animation: Sung Hannah & Han Jun Young



Production: School of Visual Arts BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation, and Visual Effects

Dialogues: None


"Chains” is the story of a man and woman who are trapped in chains of oppressive words.




15. DAVID MILLS, 3' 05''

USA 2015

Directed by Pimentel Jeric & Nico Del Giudice

Screenplay: Pimentel Jeric & Nico Del Giudice

Animation: Pimentel Jeric & Nico Del Giudice

Technique: CG/VFX live action

Music: Thom Robson

Production: School of Visual Arts BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation, and Visual Effects

Dialogues: None


David Mills is a CG/VFX live action short film about a man that must face his fear or continue to run from it.




16. SEASON, 1' 20''

USA 2015

Directed by Okuno Manabu

Screenplay: Okuno Manabu

Animation: Jun Chen

Technique: 3d Computer Animation


Production: School of Visual Arts BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation, and Visual Effects

Dialogues: None


Α story of a beautiful nature (environment) and a beautiful girl.




17. ZOE, 1' 21''

USA 2015

Directed by Chi Hyun Lee

Screenplay: Chi Hyun Lee

Animation: Chi Hyun Lee

Technique: 3D, VFX Computer Animation


Production: Lee Chi Hyun

Dialogues: None


A life of a man. From the cradle to the grave. The beauty of life.




18. FULFILAMENT, 7’ 33’’

UK 2015

Directed by: Rhiannon Evans

Screenplay: Rhiannon Evans & Joe Murtagh

Animation: Rhiannon Evans

Technique: Stop-Motion Animation

Music: Filip Sijanec

Production: Alexandra Breede

Dialogues: None


Travel around the brain with a little, lost thought and discover what it takes to make a great idea.




19. EL SEÑOR XOLOTL, 5’ 14’’

Finland 2016

Directed by Saima Lahtinen

Screenplay: Saima Lahtinen

Animation: Saima Lahtinen, Tuuli Sihvonen. Drawn animation by Mika Koskinen

Technique: Puppet Animation, Drawn Animation

Music: Harri Jokihaara

Production: Turku Arts Academy / Ari Ahlholm

Dialogues: None


Artist Frida Kahlo’s life was determined by pain and sickness. Still, she always found comfort in her animal companions, especially in her little dog called El Señor Xolotl. Animation El Señor Xolotl studies the friendship and loyalty between a dog and his owner. The movie is inspired by an ancient Mexican mythology.




20. BIRD’S HEART, 10’

Greece 2015

Directed by Pavlos Prantsidis

Screenplay: Pavlos Prantsidis

Animation: Pavlos Prantsidis

Technique: 2D Drawing Animation

Music: Daphne Farazi

Production: Deparmnet of Film Studies, Faculty of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Dialogues: (narration) Greek

Subtitles: Engilsh


Everything was taken over by everyday life. The tasks of a worker, the notes of a diary, the words of a radio announcer. Even a bird that was accidentally set free, was now standing motionless.




21. SMOKE, 1' 30''

UK 2016

Directe by by Martina Latini


Martina Latini

Animation:Martina Latini



Production:Martina Latini

Dialogues: None







Switzerland 2015

Directed by: Frederic Siegel

Screenplay: Frederic Siegel

Animation: Frederic Siegel

Technique: 2D Computer Animation

Music: Nico Kast

Production: Hochschule Luzern – Design & Kunst

Dialogues: None


On his way to work, Ruben is haunted by obsessive-compulsive thoughts; is the front door locked? Is the stove really turned off? As Ruben’s creative mind is invaded by increasingly absurd scenarios, reality and imagination begin to merge…