StudentPanorama of Short Animated Movies

Short - Programme 7

Short Competition

Greek Film Archive

Saturday 9th April, 2016, 18:10-20:00 / Monday 11th April, 2016, 20:10:00-22:00 / Wednesday 13th April, 2016, 22:10-24:00


01. MERCURY, 5’ 23’’

Turkey 2015

Directed by Melis Balcı, Ege Okal

Screenplay: Melis Balcı, Ege Okal

Animation: Melis Balcı, Ege Okal

Technique: 2D Digital Animation

Music: Hilmi Bey

Production: Melis Balcı, Ege Okal

Dialogues: English, Turkish

Subtitles: English


A young artist who works as a gallery assistant is taken to a luxury dinner with her boss, the gallery owner, after an international art fair.




02. ALONE, 10’

Kosovo 2015

Directed by Jeton Lakna

Screenplay: Faton Lakna

Animation: Jeton Lakna

Technique: 3D Computer Animation

Music: Kushtrim Berisha

Production: Jeton Lakna

Dialogues: Albanian

Subtitles: English


Uka, an old­aged man, has been living alone since he had lost all his family during war and now he is alone. Uka is working in his work room, a light followed by trembling disturb him. He opens the door, goes out to the front yard, and in front of him appears an Alien, injured in the leg. Uka, takes the Alien and brings him inside to help him, welcomes him as if he were an ordinary guest.




03. I WISH, 3’ 35’’

Argentina 2016

Directed by Damian Pala Palleiro

Screenplay: Damian Pala Palleiro

Animation: Damian Pala Palleiro

Technique: 2D Digital Animation

Music: Anni B Sweet, song “La La La”

Production: Damian Pala Palleiro

Dialogues: None


The loss of the most important person and consequently, to lose yourself.

To self-rediscover in places, people and things. Until reborn. The adventure of living the pain, leave it behind and understand that life is always beginning.




04. AEON AZURE, 4’ 11’’

Italy 2016

Directed by Luis Felip Bueno, Matteo Di Gioia

Screenplay: Luis Felipe Bueno, Matteo Di Gioia

Animation: Luis Felipe Bueno, Matteo Di Gioia

Technique: 3D Computer Animation

Music: Mellowtoy, Dead Colours

Production: The Jack Stupid

Dialogues: Narration in English by Mikee W Goodman

Subtitles: None


Aizei is a solitary creature living in a silent world that spins to a very fast pace before him. Plants grow and rot in seconds and, as soon as they are born, animals devour the rests of their dieing mothers…




05. SHIPS OF THE YEAR, 15’ 24’’

Russia 2015

Directed by Yura Boguslavsky

Screenplay: Yura Boguslavsky

Animation: Georgiy Boguslavsky, Vasiiy Chirkov

Technique: Puppet, Stop-Motion Animation

Music: Jason Webley

Production: Invisible Friends

Dialogues: None


A lyrical puppet animated film about a sea captain and his last voyage…




06. COLD COFFEE, 14’ 44’’

France / Viet Nam 2015

Directed by Stephanie Lansaque, Francois Leroy

Screenplay: Stephanie Lansaque, Francois Leroy


Technique: 3D Computer Animation

Music: Denis Vautrin

Production: Marc Jousset, Perrine Capron, Arte France

Dialogues: None


Saigon, Vietnam. After her mother's death, a young girl has to quit her studies to take over the family cafe. Facing a radical change of life, loneliness and sorrow, she gradually gets confused...




07. CONVERSATION / Razgovor, 5’ 45’’

Croatia 2015

Directed by Ana Horvat

Screenplay: Ana Horvat

Animation: Ana Horvat

Technique: 2D Animation

Music: Hrvoje Štefotić

Production: Luma Film

Dialogues: Croatian

Subtitles: English


Etta spends a solitary evening at home. On the tv she watches a movie that will change her worldview – the story about Milena who lives a beautiful life with Đuro the giant. Unfortunately, he becomes depressed, lying unresponsively on the floor of their apartment. His condition remains unchanged.




08. BIRDZ, 11’ 20’’

Switzerland 2015

Directed by Emilien Davaud

Screenplay: Emilien Davaud

Animation: Michael Cotton-Russel, Valérie Juillard

Technique: 3D Computer Animation

Music: David de Salle

Production: Helium Films

Dialogues: None


People that look and behave like birds, try to survive the cruelness of nature.




09. THE SLEEPWALKER / Sonámbulo, 4’ 20’’

Canada 2015

Directed by Theodore Ushev

Screenplay: Theodore Ushev

Animattion: Theodore Ushev

Music: Kottarashky / Nikola Gruev

Technique: 2D, Drawing on Paper Animation

Production: Theodore Ushev, Les Productions Unité centrale

Dialogues: None


With the shade around her waist / she dreams on her balcony, […] Under the gypsy moon, / all things are watching her / and she cannot see them. A surrealist journey through colours and shapes inspired by the poem Romance Sonámbulo by Federico García Lorca. Visual poetry in the rhythm of fantastic dreams and passionate nights.





Switzerland 2015

Directed by Bellopropello

Screenplay: Bellopropello

Animation: Bellopropello

Technique: 3D Computer Animation


Production: Bellopropello

Dialogues: None


Plants are growing in paradise; one of them nicer, more beautiful and taller than all the other and provoke a disciplinary action. Against all odds have consequences even in paradise.




11. FANTOCHE, 20’

France 2016

Directed by Jonathan Rochier

Screenplay: Jonathan Rochier

Animation: Lucas Barthélémy

Technique: Puppet, Stop-Motion Animation

Music: Aymeric Borne

Production: Benjamin Berbudeau

Dialogues: French

Subtitles: English


Antoine finds love in the arms of Fantoche, a wooden puppet. Isolated in his shed where he makes dolls, hallucinations invade him ; slaughterhouses become womb and life appears in oak skins...




12. THERE WERE SAINTS / Ci Furono Santi, 4’

Italy 2015

Directed by Pietro Elisei

Screenplay: Pietro Elisei

Animation: Pietro Elisei

Technique: Drawings, Oil on paper

Music: Fratelli Lurija - Ivo scarponi

Production: Pietro Elisei


Subtitles: English


The animation is completely handmade, consists of 1,250 drawings on paper with oil paints. The work expresses the perception of paralyzing silence between two people where they seem to stop, waiting for a body or in the memory of it. Waiting for something that never comes. The contradiction of a woman who escapes and chases herself. The images denounce the suffering of a cultural isolation suffocated between the echoes and obsessive reproductions of the past. Through various combinations of voices, memories of people, the female figure exudes a restless memory oscillating between dream and reality where at the end she finds herself as a child, as an innocent memory of a brutal past perhaps never existed.