StudentPanorama of Short Animated Movies

Short - Programme 3

Short Competition

01. ALBEDO, 8’ 31’’ (video clip)

Denmark 2015

Directed by Nicolai Drejer Walther

Screenplay: Nicolai Drejer Walther

Animation: Nicolai Drejer Walther

Technique: Digital Animation

Music: Redwood Hill

Production: Nicolai Drejer Walther

Dialogoues: None


A father can't cope with the loss of his son and tries different ways to bring back him back, but as he comes to realize - there is only one way for him to be together with his son again.




02. BORIS & IGOR, 52’’

Australia 2015

Directed by Linda Niksic, Homeless Joe

Screenplay: by Linda Niksic, Homeless Joe

Animation: by Linda Niksic, Homeless Joe

Technique: Stop-Motion

Music: Margareta Dorkic, Homeless Joe

Production: LInda Niksic, Homeless Joe

Dialogues: None


A micro stop-motion skit about two ‘Balkan’ nudists who encounter a Seagull at their hidden beach location. A selfish desire for hot chips proves Karma does in fact exist.




03. KAROUMA, 12’

United Arab Emirates 2016

Director by Boubaker Boukhari

Screenplay: George Saad

Animation: Allan Abelardo/ Aya Al hajri/ Shihab Al Deen Al Musharaf/ Kamel Al Tamimi

Technique: Hanz Villabroza/ Norman Tumamao

Music: Nithin Sasikumar

Production: Waheeda Al hadhrami

Dilaogues: None


Karouma is a Unique gift striving to break through and to leave his parent’s nest to live pursue his dreams and live his life in its full potential.




04. ANDREJ., 3’

Netherlands 2015

Directed by Julia Veldman c

Screenplay: Julia Veldman c

Animation: Julia Veldman c

Technique:Ink on paper

Music: Flavia Faas

Production: Julia Veldman c

Dialogues: None


Andrej Ivanovitsj has a bewildering experience when the water he spits into suddenly turns black. Instantly his whole world is upsidedown, his dog can fly and he feels like a dog. His neighbour appears and dissapears in thin air. But when Andrej Ivanovitsj decides to drink the pitch black water something unexpected happens...





Mexic 2016

Directed by Carlos Azcuaga

Screenplay: Carlos Azcuaga, Daniel Enger

Animation: Mora Golstein, Carlos Azcuaga

Technique: CGI Modelling

Music: Guillermo Olivera

Music soundtrack: Ezequiel Guido

Production: MicuFilm

Dialogues: None


In a gray world where communities shut themselves in from diversity by building stone walls, a tireless girl fights for color, reaching out to stray outsiders to ultimately bring down the walls by way of empathy and compassion.




06. OFF, 1’ 44’’

Greece 2015

Directed by Elli Markopoulou

Screenplay: Elli Markopoulou

Animation: Elli Markopoulou, Gerasimos Antypas

Technique: Stop-Motion Animation


Production: Elli Markopoulou

Dialogues: None


A viewer reacts to disinformation and violence (psychological and otherwise) received from the TV.




07. DÄWIT, 14' 5''

Germany 2015

Directed by David Jansen

Screenplay: David Jansen & Sophie Biesenbach

Animation: David Jansen & Sophie Biesenbach

Technique: 2D Computer, Wood-cut, Drawing Animation

Music: Marcus Zilz

Producer: Fabian Driehorst, Fabian&Fred GmbH

Dialogues: None


A wolf child, a cat, an angel. Animated in the tradition of wood cut technique. An associative animated film that never strays from the concrete story: The search for one’s identity in the aftermath of physical abuse.





UK 2015

Directed by Steve Kirby

Screenplay: Steve Kirby

Animation: Steve Kirby

Technique: Digital Cut-Out Animation


Production: Steve Kirby

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: None


“If the cuckoo don’t crow, then you know there’s wind coming…” Brian from Melton recounts how his mother, Doris, was the woman who predicted the October 1987 hurricane and famously phoned the BBC, but was told not to be so daft.





UK 2015

Directed by Kate Jessop

Screenplay: Carl Miller

Animation: Kate Jessop

Technique: 2D Digital Animation


Production: Bobby Tiwana

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: English


The estranged relationship between a father and his gay daughter, now a young mother. The first of two films entitled 'Loveworks' exploring LGBT relationships in South Asian culture.





USA 2015

Directed by Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata (Tiny Inventions)

Screenplay: Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata (Tiny Inventions)

Animation: Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata (Tiny Inventions)

Technique: 3D Computer Animation

Music Composer: Bram Meindersma

Production: Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata (Tiny Inventions)

Dialogues: None


A house is visited by a clean, organized and well-mannered guest.




11. METAMORPHOSIS, 14’ 59’’

France 2015

Directed by Frédéric Even, Louise Mercadier

Screenplay: A loose adaptation of Fr. Kafka’s novel (Excerpt of “Heart of Glass” by Werner Herzog)

Animation: Frédéric Even, Louise Mercadier

Technique: Stop-Motion, Puppet Animation

Music: Alexis Godier, Frédéric Even, Mael Guenon Des Mesnards, Julien Vandenbroucque

Production: Collectif SEESAWP

Narrator: William Astre (Excerpt of “Heart of Glass” by Werner Herzog)

Dialogues: German

Subtitles: English


As he wakes up one morning, a man feels changed, as if he was not able to live among other beings anymore.





12. RECURSION, 14’ 49’’

USA 2016

Directed by Joel Benjamin

Screenplay: Joel Benjamin

Animation: Joel Benjamin

Technique: 3D Computer Animation


Production: Electricbeard

Dialogues: None

Subttiles: None


A marooned astronaut and his bestial companion wander a strange land until one day they come across something truly mysterious that could forever put a rift in their friendship.




14. MIJNDERT, 5’ 8’’

Netherlands 2015

Directed by Janneke Swinkels, Zonder Versnelling, Tim Frijsinger

Screenplay: Janneke Swinkels, Zonder Versnelling

Animation: Tim Frijsinger, Janneke Swinkels

Technique: 2D Drawing Animation

Music: Tim Coenen

Production: Guido Franken, Mischa, All There Is

Dialogues: None


‘Mijndert’, a young man from the South of the Netherlands, is about to begin his first working day in the mines. We follow his trip to the mines and the descent deep under ground.




Canada 2015

Directed by M.R. Horhager & Mike Valiquette

Screenplay: Jeremy Diamond & Vickie Fagan

Animation Director: Mateusz Garbulinski

Technique: 2D Hand-Drawn & Flash

Music: Alex Khaskin

Production: Jonas Diamond

Dialogues: English

Subttiles: None


It’s 1972, and a small-town girl (Vickie) is accepted into the prestigious National Ballet School and selected to play “Clara” in the Company’s holiday production of The Nutcracker. Unfortunately that’s when Vickie finds out about the mysterious “Curse of Clara”, which threatens to derail everything. Thankfully, she’s got a good friend, the 1972 Summit Series and an imaginary mentor (in the form of Phil Esposito) to keep her “on pointe.”