StudentPanorama of Short Animated Movies

Experimental - Programme 2 (41' 11'')


Romantso (Anaxagora 3-5, Omonoia)

Monday 11th April, 2016, 22:15-23:00 / Tuesday 12th April, 2016, 22:15-23:00



01. DRUNK / Ivres, 1’

France 2014

Directed by: Florentine Grelier

Screenplay: Florentine Grelier

Animation: Florentine Grelier

Technique: Mixed Media

Music: TechnoGlass Erbomb

Production: Florentine Grelier


“A. - Who is physically and mentally disturbed by the excessive ingestion of alcoholic beverages.“




02. REACH, 3’ 26”

UK 2014

Directed by: Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore

Screenplay: Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore

Animation: Kayla Parker and Stuart Moore

Technique: Direct Animation

Sound Design: Stuart Moore and Kayla Parker

Production: Sundog Media

Dialogue: None


Abstract animation created by burying 16mm filmstrips in the mud of the banks of the River Tamar in Cornwall, enabling the river to ‘make the film’ through the movements of its tidal waters and the action of biota. The soundtrack developed from recordings taken from both above and below the surface of the river, allowing the audience to feel immersed in the river's flow.





Spain 2015

Directed by: Miguel Peña

Screenplay: Miguel Peña

Animation: Miguel Peña

Technique: 2d traditional animation/ collage / stop motion

Music: Miguel Peña

Production: Miguel Peña

Dialogues: None


Living statues fall through the clouds. The fall is hard and they lose a bit of themselves every time. Soon after that they are hit by the ground and have to search for what they are missing.




04. SWAY, 8’ 10’’

Hong Kong 2016

Directed by: Faiyaz Jafri

Screenplay: Faiyaz Jafri

Animation: Faiyaz Jafri

Music: Faiyaz Jafri

Technique: 3D

Production: Hyper-Unrealism / Faiyaz Jafri

Dialogues: None


Sway is a non-narrative computer generated film that celebrates body hair and rock gods.




05. FACES, 1’ 30”

Spain 2016

Directed by: María Lorenzo Hernández

Screenplay: María Lorenzo Hernández

Animation: María Lorenzo Hernández

Technique: Drawing

Music: Frédérick Chopin

Production: Enrique Millán Almenar

Dialogues: None


Faces” is the result of drawing portraits daily for a whole year long. 140 faces in constant movement. A search for identity through portraiture. But, is there anything more animated than the own self?





UK 2016

Directed by David Tomlin

Screenplay: Miriam Lee

Animation: Adriano Vessichelli

Technique: 2D, Stop-Motion Animation

Music: Chris O'Shaughnessy (i.e. Altermutz)

Production: Ju Shardlow

Dialogues: None


What if we all knew each other in our dreams? A group of commuters find out as they are transported into a world of 2D animation.




07. SINGULARITY, 2’ 32”

Italy 2015

Directed by Alexandru Nicolae Teodorescu

Screenplay: Alexandru Nicolae Teodorescu

Animation: Alexandru Nicolae Teodorescu

Technique: Mixed Technique of Hand-Drawn Animation

Music/Sound design: Guido Affini / Doshin Studio

Production: Independent

Dialogues: None


The term “singularity” is used in various contexts. We encounter it in mathematics, physics, mechanics, circuit design, fluid dynamics, and so on. The word “singular” means something that is unique, extraordinary and strange. In higher mathematics, we usually define functions to explain the behavior of any system. These functions are the mathematical objects under consideration. But why do we care about singularities? Is it just a mathematical concept or do we ever see it in real life?




08. CUTE AS A BUTTON, 4’ 48’’

USA 2015

Directed by Marta Finkelstein

Screenplay: Marta Finkelstein

Animation: Marta Finkelstein

Music: Marta Finkelstein

Technique: Stop-Motion puppet animation, Clay Animation, Pixilation, Digital Animation

Production: Marta Finkelstein

Dialogue: None


“Cute As A Button” is an experimental animation that explores the cute aesthetic, a visual language that pervades our 21st century cultural experience. Everything has been sweetened for our palate, made to look innocent and non-threatening.





USA, 2015

Directed by Robert Lyons

Screenplay: N/A

Animation/Technique: Hand painted cinema/scratch film/cameraless animation on 70mm, 35mm, & 16mm formats

Music: "Jungleaya" by Los Straightjackets

Production: Custom film digitizing done in home studio

Dialogues/Subtitles: NA


An experiment in visual music, abstract cameraless animation in cinerama that will make your eyes dance.