Student - Programme 9 (112')

Student Competition

Tuesday, 31 March 2015, Alkyonis New Star Art Cinema, Hours: 21:00-23:00


01. Hikiko seeks solitude, 9’ 14’’

Germany 2014

Directed by Markus Zimmermann

Screenplay: Markus Zimmermann

Animation: Markus Zimmermann


Music: Gregor Keienburg

Dialogues: None


It is the story of Hikiko who encapsulates him selves from society and creates his own world. A world in which he has no fears.




02. Un certain regard, 3’ 42’’

France 2014

Directed by Simon Masse, Semiramis Mamata, Anne Courtin, Rayane Raji

Screenplay: Simon Masse, Semiramis Mamata

Animation: Semiramis Mamata, Rayane Raji, Anne Courtin

Technique: 2D Computer animation

Music: Pablo Pico

Dialogues: None


The stroll of three freaks in a fantastic and surreal world.




03. 8.9, 3’ 12’’

France 2014

Directed by Pedro Vergani

Screenplay: Pedro Vergani

Animation: Pedro Vergani

Technique: 2D Computer, 3D Computer, Watercolour painting

Music: Jimmy Lee

Dialogues: None


After a great earthquake, a man wakes up to find out he is trapped under piles of debris and wreckage. When is is about to give up, he discovers that he is not alone.




04. Sky High, 1’ 54’’

UK 2015

Directed by Stewart Powers

Screenplay: Stewart Powers

Animation: Stewart Powers

Technique: Whiteboard Stop-motion, Hand drawn

Music: Zach Sobiech

Dialogues: None


A whiteboard animation about the upwards adventure of a young boy.




05. The Game Turns Serious, 6’ 24’’

India 2014

Directed by Mili Eugine

Screenplay: Mili Eugine

Animation: Mili Eugine

Technique: 2D Computer Sketch, Cut-out animation

Music: Krishna Shenoi

Dialogues: Malayalam

Subtitles: English


The culture shock of a 10 year old in her native land of folklore and how a temple mural of a mystic & Goddess Kali positing Oneness in the Universal Soul helps her cope with her fears and her culture.




06. The Girl Who Spoke Cat, 5’ 40’’

UK / Poland 2014

Directed by Dotty Kultys

Screenplay: Dotty Kultys

Animation: Dotty Kultys, Szu Yu Chen, Nicola Dunlop, Hoda Mousa

Technique: Cut-out, 2D Computer animation

Music: Dave Yapp

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: None


In a dull, organised world a curious girl longs for some colour and joy — against the wishes of her rule-obeying mother.




07. Little Red Robot Hunter, 1’ 57’’

Australia 2015

Directed by Maree Railton

Screenplay: Maree Railton

Animation: Maree Railton

Technique: 2D Computer animation

Music: Kevin MacLeod

Dialogues: None


Little Red Riding Hood wasn't a fairytale. It was a prophecy.




08. Lentils, 5’ 12’’

Spain 2015

Directed by Laura Campo de Luna

Screenplay: Santiago R. Puerta Bongers

Animation: Laura Campo de Luna

Technique: 2D animation, Rotoscopio

Music: Alberto S. Anaya

Dialogues: None


So that’s the game: all or nothing and nothing is not an option. This is Lentils: if you want them, well, if not… (Spanish proverb).




09. The last step, 4’ 15’’

Spain 2014

Directed by Teresa Garcia Baquero

Screenplay: Teresa Garcia Baquero

Animation: Teresa Garcia Baquero

Technique: Rotoscopio

Music: Néstor de la Fuente

Dialogues: None


A story of a life through dance and rhythm. A mix of images and music to transmit us the feelings of the character during all the phases of her life.




10. 300.000 Dollars, 3’ 05’’

Spain 2014

Directed by Mario Serrano

Screenplay: Mario Serrano,

Animation: Santiago Velez, Sergio Pereira, Manuel Rincón, Joaquin Madrid, Yadir Araujo, Germán Michelena, Sebas Urcelay

Technique: Hand drawn on paper

Music: Sietepulgadas Records

Dialogues: None


A train full of money crosses the desert, being guarded by its owner and his band.

It seems that is going to be a peaceful trip, however something disturbs the journey. A team of outlaws raid the train with the aim of steal its shipment… or maybe not?




11. Hi! I'm New, 3’ 20’’

Spain 2014

Directed by Mario Serrano

Screenplay: Angelines Amaro, Javier González-Mohíno, Lucía Benavente, Borja Arrufat

Animation: Iván Carmona, Angelines Amaro, María Buitrago, Víctor L. Pinel, Lucía Benavente, Javier González- Mohíno

Technique: Paper Drawing

Music: Sietepulgadas Records

Dialogues: None


"What is the worst that could happen during your first day at work when you are a T-Rex?".




12. Young Summer, 7’ 14’

Croatia 2015

Directed by Miran Dilberović

Screenplay: Miran Dilberović, Melkior Serdarević


Technique: 3D Computer animation

Music: Airglow, Chris Zabriskie

Dialogues: Croatian

Subtitles: English


On a dull summer day, young man get’s mesmerized by a woman passing by. We follow him on his quest to get her attention and maybe some more, just maybe.




13. Moth Trouble, Billy Lubach, 3’ 20’’

UK 2014

Directed by Billy Lubach

Screenplay: Billy Lubach

Animation: Billy Lubach

Technique: Hand drawn


Dialogues: Billy Lubach

Dialogues: English


Giant moths overpopulate an island with disastrous consequences




14. Pollock, 3’ 03’’

UK 2014

Directed by Henry Dunbar

Screenplay: Henry Dunbar

Animation: Henry Dunbar

Technique: 2D Drawn animation

Music: Tom Williams

Dialogues: None


A film inspired by Pollock. 'Abstract Art is Abstract’ - Jackson Pollock




15. Dinner is Served, 1’ 38’’

UK 2014

Directed by Shelley Nicholls

Screenplay: Shelley Nicholls

Animation: Shelley Nicholls

Technique: Tradition Hand drawn animation


Dialogues: None


The life and death of animals in meat production.




16. Man Up, 3’ 39’’

UK 2014

Directed by Katie Lenton

Screenplay: Katie Lenton

Animation: Katie Lenton

Technique: Stop-motion


Dialogues: None


A film about the phrase man up




17. Flavour of the Month, 1’ 20’’

UK 2014

Directed by Samantha Palmer

Screenplay: Samantha Palmer

Animation: Samantha Palmer

Technique: Stop-motion

Music: Jack Arnold

Dialogues: None


An experimental Animation set in a surreal and slightly sickly world of ice lollies.




18. Karolina, 1’ 12’’

UK 2014

Directed by Naomi Cant

Screenplay: Naomi Cant

Animation: Namoi Cant

Technique: Hand drawn


Dialogues: None


Explore the playful, random nature of a 12 year old girl called Karolina in this short film all about her.



19. Dateless, 3’ 38’’

UK 2014

Directed by Kyriaki Kyriakou, Remus Buznea

Screenplay: Kyriaki Kyriakou, Remus Buznea

Animation: Kyriaki Kyriakou, Remus Buznea

Technique: 2D Digital. Hand drawn


Dialogues: None


A series of romantically unfortunate twenty something are interviewed, describing in vivid detail their expectations as they search for the ideal partner.




20. There's A Fish At The Door, 1’ 57’’

UK 2014

Directed by Louie Batten

Screenplay: Louie Batten

Animation: Louie Batten

Technique: Hand drawn, Digital animation


Dialogues: None


A Fish arrives at the door of a person who is not equipped to help him, or is he?




21. Dig, 1’ 26’’

UK 2014

Directed by Sabryanne Surrey

Screenplay: Sabryanne Surrey

Animation: Sabryanne Surrey

Technique: 2D Digital Hand drawn, 3D Computer animation


Dialogues: None


A documentary of the harsh and peaceful moments in a Ukrainian farmer's life




22. Wombmates, 3’ 2’’

UK 2014

Directed by JD Dean

Screenplay: JD Dean

Animation: JD Dean

Technique: 2D Digital animation


Dialogues: English


Twin brothers reflect on their relationship and the resentment that comes with sharing a life together. They recall memories, discuss others expectations and how seemingly polarised twins can actually be.




23. Spd & Me, 3’ 40’’

UK 2013

Directed by Mathew Brookes

Screenplay: Mathew Brookes

Animation: Mathew Brookes

Technique: Stop-motion, 2D Digital animation


Dialogues: None


A film that explores the symptoms and effects of Semantic Pragmatic Disorder and how I’ve learnt to live with




24. The Wolf Fearing the Wolf, 5’ 3’’

Germany 2014

Directed by Juliane Jaschnow

Screenplay: Juliane Jaschnow

Animation: Juliane Jaschnow

Technique: Stop Motion/ Pixilation


Dialogues: German

Subtitles: English


Blood-red light is flickering. A howling in the void. The habit becomes an armour when

boarder building increases fear. No matter which side you take: you only gotta lose with staying who you are.




25. Avocado Bear, 5’ 09’’

UK 2014

Directed by Thomas Fraser

Screenplay: Thomas Fraser

Animation: Thomas Fraser; Scott McHenry

Technique: Digital 2D animation

Music: Emília Rovira Alegre

Dialogues: None


A particularly over-ripe Avocado Bear experiences a hollow feeling when he suddenly finds himself without his precious possession.




26. Hunger, 4’ 15’’

Taiwan 2014

Directed by Cho, Hui-Hsin; Chang, Yen-Jung

Screenplay: Cho, Hui-Hsin; Tsai, Si-Kai; Yang, Guan-Jhong

Animation: Cho, Hui-Hsin; Guan-Jhong

Technique: Pixilation

Music: Chang, Yen-Jung

Dialogues: None


In a magical world where hand-drawn pictures are able to be transformed into foods, a boy student tries hard to eat his meal.




27. The Gingerbread Case, 6’ 52’’

Czech Republic 2014

Directed by Pavel Jindra

Screenplay: Pavel Jindra

Animation: Pavel Jindra

Technique: 2D Digital, 2D Computer animation


Dialogues: (narration) Czech

Subtitles: English


Animated parody of the documentary film reconstructing the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. Four experts assess the entire event from the psychological, legal, architectural and medical point of view. After a scholarly analysis of a controversial children’s behavior it shows that the whole event is not so fabulously black and white as it might seem at first glance.




28. Hiline, 2’

Spain 2014

Directed by Marcos Andavert

Screenplay: Marcos Andavert

Animation: Marcos Andavert

Technique: Cut-out animation

Music: Oscar Delgado

Dialogues: None


"Hiline" is a song composed by Oscar Delgado that talks about love in a warm and creepy way.




29. Leonor, 3’ 47’’

UK 2014

Directed by Joanna Boyle

Screenplay: Joanna Boyle

Animation: Joanna Boyle, Tatiana Mazzei, Zih Ro lung, Electra Fotopoulou

Technique: Stop-motion

Music: Eren Onsoy

Dialogues: Silent film


“Leonor” is a film inspired by the story of “The Indian Queen”, a 1695 opera written by Henry Purcell. It is the story of the young daughter of Don Pedro, a Spanish conquistador, and the Indian Queen, a Mayan princess. Leonor is their daughter, a small child, unaware of the terrible crimes committed by her father on her mother and her mother's people. She innocently enjoys a lifestyle built upon lies. In this short film we explore the moment when Leonor realises the truth.




30. One time at the UFO field, 2’ 58’’

Finland 2015

Directed by Saana Herranen

Screenplay: Saana Herranen

Animation: Saana Herranen

Technique: Hand Drawn Animation


Dialogues: None


An enthusiastic UFO researcher finally comes face to face with a real alien, but nothing goes quite as planned.




31. Two Friends, 4’ 02’’

France 2014

Directed by Natalia Chernysheva

Screenplay: Natalia Chernysheva

Animation: Natalia Chernysheva



Dialogues: None


Two friends, a caterpillar and a tadpole, growing up in two different environments.