THEOX by George Nikopoulos (Special Screening)

Updated: 14-03-2018 16:59

Date: Saturday, 17th of March 2018


Hour: 20:00

Admission Free


THEOX, 67'

Greece 2017

Direction, Screenplay, Choreography, Animation: George Nikopoulos

Music: Dimitra Trypani

Masks: Nikos Kokkalis

Camera: Grigoris Panopoulos

Post Production: Studio artcut

Sound & Music Recording / Sound Design & Mixing: George Gargalas

Mixing & Mastering: Christos Megas

Performers: Dimitris Politis (Old man), Natali Mandila (Ox), Nansy Manatou (Girl), Isidora Zolota (Old woman),

Natassa Karalia (Angell), Spyros Skordos (Controller)

Musicians: Ria Georgiadou (Flutes), Dinos Manos (Contrabass), Dimitra Trypani (Percussion)

Vocals: Sofia Ketentjan, Kiki Kerzeli, Sofia Bardoutsou, Evgenia Pavlidou, Dimitra Trypani, Antonis Parharidis,

Konstantinos Heirdaris

Guest Musician: Sofia Alifieraki (Flute)

Script / Assistante Producer: Morfo Galopoulou

Assistant Mask Constructor: Stefanos Kypriotis

Translation: Nandia Grigoriadou

Set Photographer: Yannis Dimitras, Viky Grintzou

Green Screen: Yannis Peiralis

Chef Electrician: Antonis Hondrogiannis

Assistant Electrician: Nikos Krassopoulos

Set Lighting: Grigoris Panopoulos, Antonis Hondrogiannis

Catering: Hayati Tavern, Brown Bear

Producers: George Nikopoulos - baubo Productions

Co-Production: artcut

With support by Garage Performing Arts Center

With support by O.S.C.S.

With support by Ionian University - Department of Audio and Visual Arts / InArts - Laboratory of Interactive Arts - In.Arts


In a chronic situation of obedience from a subjected people, the inveterate habit and the acceptance of the condition in which they are in has an impact both on the subjected person and the one in power. Their relationship lacks the element of revitalization and change. Then, when the possibility of change arises by chance, the overturn of the situation seems to be closer than ever.


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THEOX Trailer from Giorgos Nikopoulos on Vimeo.


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