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Updated: 02-03-2018 16:24


Pins and Feathers Creations

by Angy Elfcraft


"Pins and Feathers, Pins for creation and Feathers for elegance and inspiration, both are needed to create fairy treasures. My name is Angy and since I remember myself I’ve been doing Art and making little treasures. When I was 16 I started traveling looking for inspiration, knowledge, love and adventure. I lived in magic forest and breathtaking mountains that thought me precious values and by the Ganga river I met my little fairy friends. They shared with me the art of macramé, an ancient jewelry making technique that was born in the hands of tribal fishermen. Ever since we are inseparable and dedicate our time in the making of little jewelry treasures that reflect the elegance of nature in order to share them with you. Believe in Pins and Feathers fairies and join our fantasy world".


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