Official Selection

Live and die together / 同生共灭

China 2017
Duration: 06:30
Directed by: Bao Jian
Screenplay: Bao Jian
Animation: Bao Jian
Technique: Navy Chen
Music: Sihan Yuan
Production/School: zaza art & design studio
Dialogue language: NO
Subtitles language: Chinese and English

The director invited more than 1,000 people (more than 900 children) to participate in painting a variety of animal graffiti, and eventually made the animation. In the process of participation, let the children know that humans and creatures are creatures living on the earth. "All things form a living, and beings benefit each other." When species are extinct, humans will also flee. Mankind can conquer the Earth and conquer space, but it should be boring if only human beings survived.


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