Official Selection


France 2017
Duration: 07:35
Directed by: François Letty, Léa Arachtingi, Simon Goeneutte-Lefevre, Marion Patin, Yves-Guillaume Pecquet, Jeremy Violier
Screenplay: François Letty
Animation: Léa Arachtingi, Marion Patin
Technique: 3D Computer
Music: Erwann Chandon
Production/School: Supinfocom Rubika
Dialogue language: No dialogue

Once upon a time in Brittany was a legendary city called YS built in the middle of the sea and protected by a great wall sealed by huge doors which prevented the waves from entering the city. This city was ruled by a king, Gradlon who had given the key to his daughter, the princess Dahut. Every evening, the princess asked the sea to bring her a sailor for the night. She slept with him, killed him and sent him back to the sea. The king kept seeing his daughter like a perfect young lady despite the warnings of his counsellor, Saint Guénolé. Until the day the devil arrived in the city…


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