Official Selection


Russia 2018
Duration: 13:00
Directed by: Alexander Savarsky
Screenplay: Alexander Savarsky (based on the Konstantin Paustovky's short story
Animation: Valeriy Hayrapetyan, Evgeniy Ivanov, Elena Kvasova, Antonina Grischenko, Olga Maxyuk, Pavel Chaika, Marina Galagan, Anastasia Stus, Natalia Golubchenko-Kvasova, Olga Ogurtsova, Evgenia Myaksheva, Mikhail Bolonkin
Technique: watercolor, rotoscope
Music: Alexey Korolev, Andrey Akimov, Sergey Smirnov
Production/School: Margarita Savarskaya
Dialogue language: Russian
Subtitles language: English, German

"Letters" is a film about beautiful and sudden love. It tells us that every loss is a new link in a regular chain of future findings. Love is the thing that always starts when finished. And when losing it, in the moment of temporary emptiness, we look back to see one more time what we’ve just lost. We don’t even suspect that this time everything is waiting for us in the future, and the lines of new happiness have already appeared in our illusive loss of our past.


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