Official Selection


Spain 2017
Duration: 11:09
Directed by: Maria Lorenzo
Screenplay: Maria Lorenzo
Animation: Maria Lorenzo, Pterodactive, Sergio Pilan
Technique: Drawing and painting on paper
Music: Frederic Chopin, Isaac Istvan Székely
Production/School: Enrique Millan
Dialogue language: no dialogue

Impromptu is an animated short film inspired by five piano Etudes by Frédéric Chopin, to pay tribute to the forgotten pioneers of cinema, such as Joseph Plateau, Eadweard Muybridge, Jules Marey, William Dickson, Louis Le Prince and Georges Demenÿ. But Impromptu is also a homage to the Fin-du-siècle period, to their unforgettable muses —Loïe Fuller, Carmencita, Anna Belle—, and to the fascination for movement itself, which lead to the invention of filmmaking.


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