Official Selection


Distinction Experimental

Italy 2016
Duration: 21:40
Directed by: Marco Belfiore
Screenplay: Marco Belfiore
Animation: Marco Belfiore
Technique: rotoscope, stop motion, after effects, photoshop
Music: Marco Belfiore
Production/School: Snaporazverein
Dialogue language: Italian
Subtitles language: English

Pretext to start a visionary journey through fragments of evolving stories, TENGUSONG uses the Tengu figure - a metamorphic creature belonging to Japanese popular iconography - to create a visual song about otherness. Throughout the narration - from the introduction, through the interlude, up to the final chapters - we witness a continuous yet at times tragicomic identity derailment. It takes some time, some confidence, before Tengusong can access your head,before it can resonance with our personal Tengu, always trapped between the ganglion cells of rationality.


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