Official Selection

Little Grey Wolfy. Spring and Icy Drift / Den Vesle Grå Ulven. Vår og Isen Går

Norway 2017
Duration: 06:30
Directed by: Natalia Malykhina
Screenplay: Natalia Malykhina
Production/School: Natalia Malykhina
Dialogue language: English, Norwegian, Russian

A new pure spring comes again to the wood. The trees and the beasts wake up feeling good... Spring is the time of an ice drift on a river. Wolfy and Hare, carried away by their running, suddenly find themselves on the floe in the middle of an icy stream. The cold stream hides many dangers, but their imagination comes to help. And their friends of course! But no! This floe is not an ice block! Look, this is a frigate that has left its dock. Across the seas, nothing can frighten them, Set sail captain Wolf and Hare at the helm. Two sailors, two friends, as brave as can be, They steer their ship in a fantasy sea… The film exists in ENGLISH, NORWEGIAN and RUSSIAN versions, with or without subtitles :-)


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