Official Selection

Gif me that food

United Kingdom 2017
Duration: 02:20
Directed by: Emi Tse (emi & the veggies)
Animation: Emi Tse (emi & the veggies)
Technique: 2d digital
Music: Harm Esterhuizen (Zing Audio)
Dialogue language: No dialogue
Subtitles language: No dialogue

GIF ME THAT FOOD (Japan & Taiwan) is a compilation of bizarre food monsters celebrating a taste of delicious Asian flavors in a fun and humorous way. Every food monster is inspired by a street food or food product in Japan and Taiwan, and is created with a unique charm and personality. The animation was directed and animated by London based animator Emi Tse (emi & the veggies), and mainly comprised hand drawn frame by frame animation. The sound was designed by Harm Esterhuizen (Zing Audio), a young talent based in Pretoria. Director's note: Don't watch this on an empty stomach! For enquiries, commissions or just to say hi: Instagram: @emiandveggies Twitter: @emiandveggies Instagram: @zing_audio Vimeo: Facebook:


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