Official Selection


United Kingdom 2017
Duration: 02:26
Directed by: Tom Fisher
Technique: 2D animation, Pixelation
Production/School: Kingston University
Dialogue language: English

'Diffrerent' is an animation that explores neurodiversity learning disabilities such as dyslexia. The film follows an ant’s journey, as it breaks from its chain-like system, as a metaphor for those who are unable to fit in. There’s always been this feeling of without Dyslexia who would I be? As it’s such a large part of me as a person and in everyday life. This film explores this area of my life by looking back at a childhood hobby, the collection of insects, and the problems I experienced when I was younger and still as an adult today. Some days I can wake up and not be able to remember my full address and other days I can. However the previous hobby and study of insects always remained. I’ve always felt out of place, out of the normal system, and in time while having this feeling I’ve found other ways of coping. The film aims to be more of an understanding of the past and present that can give back a positive attitude to dyslexia within society.


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