Official Selection

Mythland / Μυθοτοπία

Distinction Greek

Greece 2016
Duration: 12:28
Directed by: Kleitos Kyriakidis
Screenplay: Kleitos Kyriakides
Animation: Kleitos Kyriakides & Stella Angelidou
Technique: 2D Cartoon animation, 3D animation, Video
Music: Kleitos Kyriakides
Production/School: G.A.L.P. pictures
Dialogue language: Greek
Subtitles language: English

"MYTHOTOPIA-MYTHLAND" is a sequel documentary based on cartoon narrative. The series "MYTHOTOPIA" examines the relationship and the conflict of the past with the present by interpreting the mythological traditions of a place that led to the creation of world thinking and culture. Starting from prehistoric times, issues such as the birth of speech, writing and the relationship of poetic creation with the evolution of civilisation, as has been saved encrypted in ancient myths and religious tradition, are revealed.


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