Official Selection

The Voyage of the Beagle - A galapagos tortoise love story / Potovanje na ladji Beagle - Ljubezen galapaške želve

Slovenia 2017
Duration: 11:03
Directed by: Jernej Lunder
Screenplay: Jernej Lunder, Sandra Ržen, Maja Dolores Šubic
Animation: Zarja Menart
Technique: 2D animation
Music: Jaka Strajnar
Production/School: Invida
Dialogue language: Slovenian
Subtitles language: English

Adventure ship Beagle is approaching the Galapagos Islands where animals live in peace and harmony. A tortoise couple is laying eggs on a sandy beach, when a finch bird warns them of the upcoming danger – humans. The animals are startled, as they are afraid of the hunting expeditions they know too well. But for the newborn tortoises, the journey will just begin.

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