Official Selection

Bolero Paprika / Boléro Paprika

France 2017
Duration: 20:53
Directed by: Marc Ménager
Screenplay: Marc Ménager and Nicolas Lemée
Animation: Ignacio de Marco, Teresa Pérez Girau, Patricia Sourdes, David Martin, Marc Ménager
Technique: Sand, puppets
Music: Tomás Jiménez
Production/School: Xbo films
Dialogue language: french, spanish
Subtitles language: english

In France in the 1950s, Diego, the son of Spanish Republicans in exile, witnesses a police roundup targeting his mother and grandfather amongst the last opponents of the Franco regime. Immersed in reminiscing about a history that is still very much alive, Diego will preserve the memory of those who resisted totalitarianism.


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