Grand Prix "Athena"
The Blissful Accidental Death / Splendida Moarte Accident, by Sergiu Negulici, Romania

2nd Prize
The death, dad & son / La mort, pere & fils, by Denis Walgenwitz & Winshluss, France

3rd Prize
Tête à Tête, by Natasha Tonkin, United Kingdom

Special Mention
Corky, by Ty Primosch, USA
Dystopia, by Bellopropello, Switzerland
Re-Organization / רה-אורגניזציה, by Osi Wald Moran Somer & Ricardo Werdesheim, Israel

Airport, by Michaela Müller, Switzerland
Inscape, by Leo Uehara, Brazil
Natura, by Felipe Esquivel, Mexico
The Walker / Le Marcheur, by Frédéric Hainaut, Belgium
To Be, by Farzaneh Omidvarnia, Denmark
Twice Upon a Time / Bio dvaput jedan kralj, by Vojin Vasovic, Serbia

Music Award
Tweet-Tweet / Чик-Чирик, by Zhanna Bekmambetova, Russia

1st Vrilissia Award
Midnight's Garden / Le Jardin de minuit, by Benoît Chieux, France

2nd Vrilissia Award
Our Daughter is a Necromancer, by Elitsa Nedyalkova, United Kingdom

3rd Vrilissia Award
Tweet-Tweet / Чик-Чирик, by Zhanna Bekmambetova, Russia

Audience Award
Empty View, by Ali Zare Ghanatnowi, Iran

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