Arabim - The Souls of The Statues

Wednesday 22/03/2017 14:15 - 16:00 - Screenings Schedule 2017
Total Duration: 00:53:17

  1. Arabim - The Souls of The Statues / Αραμπίμ - Οι Ψυχές των Αγαλμάτων 00:53:17
  2. Greece 2016
    Directed by: Antigoni Paroussi - Costis Papanastasatos
    Screenplay: Margarita Koulentianou
    Music: Nikolas Tsaftaridis
    Production/School: Theater workshop DECE NKUA - Videofactory
    Dialogue language: Greek
    Subtitles language: English

    The Arabim are the souls of the statues. Legend has it that, every time a statue was stolen or destroyed, its soul remained behind and mourned. When Lord Elgin decides to transport the sculptures of Acropolis back to his homeland, the statues’ souls deter the Sultan from signing the relevant permit and then sink the ship “that was taking” them to England. The film’s story unfolds on two levels. In the present, where a traveller comes to Greece in search of historical truth and meets a puppeteer, who is setting up the show ‘Arabim’. And in the past when, in 1801, Lord Elgin gradually starts destroying the Parthenon in an Ottoman-occupied Athens. The traveller is initiated into the world of puppet theatre. He watches the puppets bring the past to life and feels the truth spoken by the souls of the statues. The film takes place in central Athens, around the Acropolis, as well on a puppet-theatre stage.


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