Student - Programme 2 (113')

Student Competition

Thursday, 26 March 2015, Alkyonis New Star Art Cinema, Hours: 22:00-24:00 


1. KitBash Kid, 4’ 25’’

Singapore 2014

Directed by Wu Jun'An

Screenplay: Wu Jun'An

Animation: Wu Jun'An, Huang JingYu

Technique: 3D Computer animation


Dialogues: Νone


The story is about a friendship between a boy and a robot.




2. Aqua Profonda, 1’ 35’’

USA 2014

Directed by Nathan Campbell

Screenplay: Nathan Campbell

Animation: Nathan Campbell

Technique: Digital 2D, 3D Computer animation

Music: Nathan Campbell

Dialogues: none


After encountering a frog at a swimming pool, a young boy to reflects on his life growing up on opposite coasts of Australia and his fear of the creatures that lie in wait under the water.




3. Saga of Ragnar, 2’ 20’’

USA 2014

Direction: Suk Hyun Kim

Screenplay: Suk Hyun Kim

Animation: Suk Hyun Kim

Technique: CG animation

Music: Bruno Falanga, Pepe Maiellano

Dialogues: None

Subtitles: English


Upon learning that his son was murdered by a rival tribe, Ragnar is overwhelmed by rage and sets out to avenge his son's death.




4. Parcel Quest, 2’ 01’’

USA 2014

Directed by Joseph Szokoli

Screenplay: Joseph Szokoli

Animation: Joseph Szokoli

Technique: CG animation

Music: Robin Hall

Dialogues: None


Parcel Quest is a short film about a misunderstanding between a delivery boy and a biker.




5. Panty Fairy, 2’ 01’’

USA 2014

Direction: Juanwei Chen

Screenplay: Juanwei Chen

Animation: Juanwei Chen

Technique: CG animation

Music: DJ ToDes ikuliner

Dialogues: no dialogues


“Panty Fairy” by Jun Wei Chen: One day, a young teenage girl suddenly lost her panty as she was taking them out to dry. Billy, the panty fairy, happens to come across her lost panty and decided to return it to her.




6. Nexus, 1’ 45’’

USA 2014

Directed by Briana Franceschini, Ho Kwan Au

Screenplay: Briana Franceschini, Ho Kwan Au

Animation: Briana Franceschini, Ho Kwan Au

Technique: CG animation

Music: Marcos Bello

Dialogues: no dialogues


Nexus artistically explores the world of connections linking creatures in the animal kingdom. It is about the most basic, primal form of these connections - predator and prey.




7. Monster, 2’ 08’’

USA 2014

Direction: Stephanie Lin, Thomas Shek

Screenplay: Stephanie Lin, Thomas Shek

Animation: Stephanie Lin, Thomas Shek

Technique: CG animation

Music: Russ Howard III

Dialogues: None


Monster is about a boy who gets chased down by a monster. Throughout the chase, fear takes hold and sends the boy on a journey.




8. Butterfly Song, 3’ 12’’

USA 2014

Directed by Kyungmee Kim, Sunyoung Kim

Screenplay: Kyungmee Kim, Sunyoung Kim

Animation: Kyungmee Kim, Sunyoung Kim

Technique: 2D, 3D Computer animation

Music: Erica Kim

Dialogues: English

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: English


“Butterfly Song” is a story about a boy coming to terms with the loss of his grandmother.




9. Broken Wand, 3’ 13’’

USA 2014

Directed by Michael Altman, Anne Yang

Screenplay: Michael Altman, Anne Yang

Animation: Michael Altman, Anne Yang

Technique: CG animation

Music: Wei San Hsu

Dialogues: no dialogues


"Broken Wand" is the story of a washed-up magician trying reconnect with his preteen grandson who used to love magic.




10. Vis Dubium, 6’ 48’’

Serbia 2014

Directed by Mihajlo Dragaš

Screenplay: Mihajlo Dragaš

Animation: Mihajlo Dragaš

Technique: 2D Computer animation

Music: Mihajlo Dragaš

Dialogues: None


On the vast structure that floats on the ocean, an anonymous fisherman, from day to day struggles with the sea monsters that surround him. These symbols of his internal doubts, force him to investigate the limits of his own endurance and strength.




11. Sonder - A tale of connections, 2’ 10’’

Belgium 2014

Directed by Astrid Chamberland

Screenplay: Astrid Chamberland

Animation: Astrid Chamberland

Technique: Stop-motion and live action

Music: Michael Chubb

Dialogues: None


In a dark universe, there is a lonely planet filled with flowers. The roots of the plants are digging and burrowing restless and deep underground. When the roots find something to hold on to, the whole universe lights up.




12. The book of Legba, 10’ 29’’

Austria 2014

Directed by Leonie Schlager

Screenplay: Katharina Lutzky

Animation: Leonie Schlager, Pia Reschberger

Technique: Rotoscopie, Trick film, Digital animation

Music: Erik Trauner

Dialogues: English


The short-film “The Book of Legba“ consists of a set composed as a Pop-Up Book. It's a story about Blues and Voodoo, told by the Voodoo-God Legba.




13. LADY and the frog, 3’ 12’’

USA 2014

Directed by Tina T. Hsu

Screenplay: Tina T. Hsu

Animation: Tina T. Hsu

Technique: 2D pencil on Paper, 2D Digital animation

Music: Jose Gonzalez Granero

Dialogues: None


A frog wakes up in a bag of mixed vegetables at a supermarket. A lady runs by and grabs the bag.




14. The Blue Tree / Blekitne Drzewo, 6’

Poland 2013

Directed by Ania Przybylko

Screenplay: Ania Przybylko

Animation: Ania Przybylko

Technique: 2D Animation

Music: Kalina Świątnicka

Dialogues: None


Once day the girl gave the mouse picture which was painted especially for her. Unfortunately when the mouse held the picture in her paws it accidentally broke. This little incident caused a rift between two friends.




15. Opus, 4’ 04’’

Israel 2014

Directed by Oded Ilani, Idan Bar

Screenplay: Oded Ilani, Idan Bar

Animation: Oded Ilani, Idan Bar


Music: G'dee Ya'ar

Dialogues: None


A musician is trying to play the perfect concert on a fantastic machine, but when a problem appears during the concert, his sole attention goes towards attempting to solve it, an attempt for which he pays dearly.




16. Bookends, 2’ 33’’

USA 2014

Directed by Tucker Prisco

Screenplay: Tucker Prisco

Animation: Tucker Prisco

Technique: 3D Computer animation

Music: Nate Alexander

Dialogues: None


When a boy sees the girl of his dreams by chance, he must decide whether to introduce himself or forever wonder what could have been.





17. Birthday, 2’ 24’’

USA 2014

Directed by Nick Tustin

Screenplay: Nick Tustin

Animation: Nick Tustin

Technique: 3D Computer animation

Music: Maria Eugenis Leon, Mert Ozcan, Matea Prljevic

Dialogues: None

Subtitles: English


An alien bug is born into a dangerous jungle. As he enters this strange new world, he soon realizes that things are not what they appear.




18. Beluga, 2’ 07’’

USA 2014

Direction: Ji Inn Jung

Screenplay: Ji Inn Jung

Animation: Ji Inn Jung

Technique: 2D & 3D Computer animation

Music: Namiko Mori

Dialogues: None

Subtitles: English


"Beluga" is the story of a young boy who was born with a disability.




19. 92 Dreamin, 3’ 35’’

USA 2014

Directed by Escarla Abreu, Mikhael Villegas

Screenplay: Escarla Abreu, Mikhael Villegas

Animation: Escarla Abreu, Mikhael Villegas

Technique: 3D Computer animation

Music: Com Truise

Dialogues: None

Subtitles: English


Somewhere in a parallel universe outside lies a digital frontier, a place made entirely of skateboard dreams.




20. Something Important, 07' 19"

USA/Taiwan 2014

Direction: Nai Wei Liu

Screenplay: Nai Wei Liu

Animation: Nai Wei Liu

Technique: Nai Wei Liu

Music: Chris Zabriskie, Saito Koji

Dialogues: Mandarin Chinese

Subtitles: English


NaiWei Liu’s Something Important (2014) is a 2D animation, which presents the filmmaker's personal journey of self-discovery woven as a tapestry of his memories.




21. Luma St., 4’ 11’’

UK 2013

Directed by Daniel Escobar

Screenplay: Daniel Escobar

Animation: Daniel Escobar, Samuel Brierley, Alex Kirkwood

Technique: 3D Animation

Music: Nathan Lewis



Luma St. revolves around the idea of people missing the beauty in everyday life.




22. Run Crab Run!,  6'0''

USA 2014

Directed by Wei Lu

Screenplay: Wei Lu

Animation: Wei Lu

Technique: 3D Computer animation

Music: Aaron Kenny

Dialogues: None


Rub Crab Run (2014) follows a duo of crabs as they try to escape their fate in the cruise




23. That Bitch Becky, 6’30’’

Canada 2014

Direction: Rebecca Rochon

Screenplay: Rebecca Rochon

Animation: Rebecca ROchon

Music: Michael Winters

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: None


Becky, a socially desperate wasp, hosts a party in a transparent attempt to heighten her social status. Unfortunately the party spirals out of control and doesn’t go quite as planned.




24. Chairful Story, 2’ 58’’

USA 2014

Direction: Liza Kurenkov

Screenplay: Liza Kurenkov

Animation: Liza Kurenkov

Technique: 3D Computer animation

Music: Luis D'Elias

Dialogues: None


A chair's daily struggle upon awakening.




25. Princess, 7’

Singapore 2014

Directed by Andre Quek

Screenplay: Abdul Hadi, Andre Quek

Animation: Abdul Hadi, Andre Quek

Technique: 2D Digital animation

Music: Jonas Schwall

Dialogues: Chinese

Subtitles: English


Lucas, an average Singaporean boy, tries to take matter under his control. Upon realizing that sincerity comes from the heart, he finally breaks the ice with his neighbour, Angie.




26. Hopkins & Delaney LLP, 4’ 21’’

USA 2014

Direction: Sean Buckelew

Screenplay: Sean Buckelew

Animation: Sean Buckelew

Technique: 2D Drawn, Computer animation

Music: -

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: English


An important client visits the law offices of Hopkins & Delaney LLP to discuss his copyright infringement suit.




27. Mamma mia, 7’ 18''

Italy 2014

Direction: Milena Tipaldo, Francesca Marinelli

Screenplay: Milena Tipaldo, Francesca Marinelli

Animation: Milena Tipaldo, Francesca Marinelli

Technique: 2D traditional animation


Dialogues: Italian

Subtitles: English


In two personal episodes (Good blood does not lie Milena Tipaldo and triceratops Mamma Francesca Marinelli) the authors recount with humor and tenderness their mothers and the undeniable weight of their inheritance.




28. Flow, 5’ 28’’

Belgium 2014

Direction: Mathijs Demaeght

Screenplay: Mathijs Demaeght

Animation: Mathijs Demaeght

Technique: Combination of 2D - 3D Computer animation

Music: Adrian Swerts

Dialogues: None


A mourning girl makes an unexpected friend when a white wolf takes her through a mysterious portal on a journey to confront her grief. A journey about loneliness, grief, friendship and love all in one big flow.