Student - Programme 1 (109')

Student Competition

Thursday, 26 March 2015, Alkyonis New Star Art Cinema, Hours: 21:00-23:00 


1. School of Crime, 2' 36"

Australia 2012

Directed by Roberto Prado (aka Beto Prado)

Screenplay: Roberto Prado (aka Beto Prado)

Animation: Roberto Prado (aka Beto Prado)

Technique: 3D Digital animation

Music: Gilberto Candido

Dialogues: None


School of Crime is a comedy that portraits some social issues in Brazil. The film points out problems such as criminality, illiteracy and visual pollution that are common issues in the Brazilian big cities.




2. End Of / Fin De, 3' 27"

USA 2013

Directed by Federico Cuatlacuatl

Screenplay: Federico Cuatlacuatl

Animation: Federico Cuatlacuatl

Technique: 2D, 3D Computer animation

Music: Waskar Amaru "Chuklla"

Dialogues: None


Jacobo is a premature bird romantically aspiring to fly. An Aztec mythological bird observes Jacobo and decides his fate to live or fly.




3. Your Legacy, 1' 35"

Germany / Austria 2014

Directed by Cornelia Leichtfried

Screenplay: Cornelia Leichtfried

Animation: Cornelia Leichtfried


Music: Cornelia Leichtfried

Dialogues: Yes


“Your Legacy” illustrates how much garbage the average human being in western society generates throughout their lifetime.




4. One Thousand and One Teardrops, 17'

UK 2014

Directed by Fateme Ahmadi

Screenplay: Fateme Ahmadi

Animation: Maryam Mohajer

Technique: Cut-out animation

Music: Filip Sijanec

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: None


On her first day of school, little Louly is faced with a question: what should she wear? The ugly school uniform or whatever she wants? Luckily, she is visited by a magic teardrop-keeper who helps her make a choice by telling the story of how the women of her nation, Iran, have strived to answer this question for 200 years.




5. Food, 3' 32"

China 2014

Directed by Siqi Song

Screenplay: Siqi Song

Animation: Siqi Song

Technique: Stop-motion, Animated Objects

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: English


This is an animated documentary about FOOD! The documentary, in an ironic and sarcastic way brings attention to food. Ranging from vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian to carnivore, the conversation offers the perspectives of a wide variety of eaters from around the world. By pairing real interviews with stop-motion animation, the film brings in discussion about various topics in the food industry.




6. The Orange Song, 1' 39"

UK / Bulgaria 2014

Directed by Eleonora Asparuhova

Screenplay: Eleonora Asparuhova

Animation: Eleonora Asparuhova

Technique: Hand drawn animation

Music: Bulgarian Children Songs - "The Orange Song"

Dialogues (Lyrics): Bulgarian

Subtitles: English


A little girl’s obsession with her favourite colour reminds us of how incredibly amazing is to be a child. An animated music video of one of the most beloved Bulgarian children’s songs.





7. Religatio, 3' 22"

Canada 2014

Directed by Jaime Giraldo

Screenplay: Jaime Giraldo

Animation: Jaime Giraldo

Technique: Drawing on paper

Music: -

Dialogues: None


Beings who live in a world hanging from ropes are all engaged in a struggle to avoid falling into the void below.




8. The Role of Each Fret, 9'

Iran 2013

Directed by Maryam Farahzadi

Screenplay: Maryam Farahzadi

Animation: Maryam Farahzadi

Technique: 2D Animation


Subtitles: English


The story is about union of a couple in love by getting assistance from a joint effort of music and nature performed in Persian miniatures from ancient land of Iran.




9. In Her Footsteps, 7' 45"

Israel 2013

Directed by Michal Spiegelglas, Inbal Ochyon

Screenplay: Michal Spiegelglas, Inbal Ochyon

Animation: Michal Spiegelglas, Inbal Ochyon

Technique: 2D Animation

Music: Yair Elazar Glotman



A complex mother-daughter relationship. the mother's primeval anxieties. leaving the daughter's fate uncertain.




10. The Fair, 2' 08"

USA 2014

Directed by Casey Follen

Screenplay: Casey Follen

Animation: Casey Follen

Technique: Stop-motion animation

Music: Nick Pourcho

Dialogues: None


The Fair is a peak into a moment in time that is both nostalgic and fantastic. Warped in a veil of memory, imagination merges with fact to create the magic within.




11. The Smile, 6' 36"

Iran 2014

Directed by Sonia Hashemi

Screenplay: Sonia Hashemi, Reihane Pasandide

Animation: Reihane Pasandide, Sonia Hashemi

Technique: Computer 2D animation

Music: Hamed Younesi

Dialogues: None


The story is about a little girl who is suffering from cancer. The little girl weaves carpet and through a woven crane in the carpet she will enter the fantasy world of the carpet. With the help of the Origami crane she will pass the seasons and through this journey she will find happiness and be able to grant happiness to the others.




12. Black Bear Moon, 7' 08"

Taiwan 2014

Directed by Ta-Wei Chao

Screenplay: Ta-Wei Chao

Animation: Ta-Wei Chao

Technique: 2D Computer animation

Music: Chien-Yu Huang

Dialogues: Chinese

Subtitles: English


A newly married girl finds a bear shape paperweight while packing to move out of her parents’ house. It is a key to unlock her childhood memories with her grandpa and a black bear.




13. Ocule, 6' 27"

Canada 2014

Directed by Kristin Ruff-Frederickson

Screenplay: Kristin Ruff-Frederickson

Animation: Kristin Ruff-Frederickson

Technique: Cut-out, Puppet, 2D, 3D computer animation


Dialogues: None

Subtitles: English


OCULE is a cutout animated film exploring the relationship between observer and observed and the power imbalances inherent therein. In quantum physics it's suggested that matter exists in multiple positions simultaneously until observed by a consciousness when it is fixed to a single point, creating an objective reality. A similar concept could be applied to social theory, where individuals may internally possess intricate and complex identities, yet be reduced to a single fixed role by the external observation of the culture in which they exist. OCULE explores this idea by using characters reduced to scrutinizing eyes who embody the Gaze, and by extension the power that the intangible act of Looking has in projecting a very tangible and often restrictive identity onto a passive subject.




14. FrogBoy, 1' 5"

USA 2013

Directed by Jehan Madhani

Screenplay: Jehan Madhani

Animation: Jehan Madhani

Technique: 2D, Flash Animation


Dialogues: English

Subtitles: None


FrogBoy learns a valuable lesson about family in this animated short.




15. Beat in the Forest 5' 21"

Israel 2014

Directed by Adi Goral

Screenplay: Adi Goral

Animation: Adi Goral


Music: Rotem Moav

Subtitles: English


An old and dedicated forest keeper, living in a magical heart-beating forest, fights against dark forces to keep it alive, until his last breath.




16. Chinese soundtrack 4' 14"

Israel 2014

Directed by Sharon Miller

Screenplay: Sharon Miller

Animation: Sharon Miller


Music: STEREO/TYPE- band

Subtitles: English


Audo, who lives on his own planet, misses his lover Tera, which lives on a different planet. Audo decides to build a rocket and go out on an interstellar journey to reunite with his one true love.




17. Don't Worry, I'll Do It, 4' 11"

USA 2014

Directed by Jordan Wong

Screenpaly: Jordan Wong

Animation: Jordan Wong

Technique: Traditional hand drawn

Music: Jordan Wong

Subtitles: None


I don't care, it's up to you. don't worry, i'll do it. i deserve it, it's fine. some days are better, overall i'm ok. take your time, no rush. good luck. travel safe. have fun. take care.




18. Half Wet, 7' 14"

UK 2014

Directed by Sophie Koko Gate

Screenplay: Sophie Koko Gate

Animation: Sophie Koko Gate

Technique: 2D Digital animation

Music: Johnny Wildey

Dialogues: English

Subtitles: None


We are all born as wet as a banana. 75% water. By the time we reach adulthood, that amount decreases to 54%. Gus is interrupted by Tiny Eyes at dusk, on the eve of his 25th birthday.




19. Toro, 3' 30"

USA 2014

Directed by Lynn Kim

Screenplay: Lynn Kim

Animation: Lynn Kim



Dialogues: None


A closer look into the bullfight. Hand drawn and stop motion animation.




20. Kia Rex, 3' 07"

USA 2014

Directed by Yandong Qiu

Screenplay: Yandong Qiu

Animation: Yandong Qiu


Music: Dan Erben

Dialogues: None


Kia. a two year old boy, is swept away by his imagination. After chasing after his favorite toy he envisions a world filled with dinosaurs and adventure.




21. Oh Whale, 5' 50"

Switzerland 2014

Directed by Joana Locher

Screenplay: Joana Locher

Animation: Joana Locher, Yael Schaerer, Manuela Leuenberger

Technique: 2D Animation

Music: Nina Geiger

Dialogues: Swiss-german

Overvoice Subtitles: English


One day the cat meets the meditating whale on the beach with fish on his head. Soon after, the whale is in the cat and the cat in the whale, the fish are on the cat until the cat is whale.




22. Fish Village, 3' 08"

Singapore 2014

Directed by Bak Liping

Screenplay: Bak Liping

Assistant's Name: Ang Wei Yun

Animation: Bak Liping

Technique: 3D Computer animation


Dialogues: None


Kun found himself walking into a floating fish village up the sea of clouds. Without any choice, he went into the inn and held himself with the food. After he finishes his last meal, he then later found himself in a spiritual world, in an inn tented by giant koi fishes. Kun realizes he has to depend on the koi cups to continue his journey.



23. "I Am &...", 0’ 51’’

The Netherlands 2012

Directed by Bart Lindeman

Screenplay: Bart Lindeman

Animation: Bart Lindeman

Technique: All Digital hand-drawn

Music: Sonoton Creative Solutions

Dialogues: Dutch

Subtitles: English


"I am &" discusses how others (choose to) see me. There is more to me than just what is on the surface, physically as well as emotionally. Try not to judge based on just one thing.




24. Fing, 1’

The Netherlands 2014

Directed by Bart Lindeman

Screenplay: Bart Lindeman

Animation: Bart Lindeman

Technique: Digital Cut-out

Music: Marko Ivic

Dialogues: None


Creativity and ambition. “Fing” explores a metaphorical world of an experienced professional and the diligent student who looks up to him.




25. Mouth Wide Open, Ears Shut Tight, 16’’ 

Israel 2012 

Directed by Tom Madar, Emlly Noy 

Screenplay: Tom Madar 

Animation: Emlly Noy T

echnique: Stop-motion animation 

Music: Dror Shiman 

Dialogues: Hebrew 

Subtitles: English 


A young woman, who lives a life of solitude and silence, finds herself drawn into a world of sounds by her new neighbor on the other side of the wall.